The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Liturgy of Oathtaking

Postulant approaches, through the crowd and stands before the officiant, who draws blade on postulant

“Have you the courage for this road? For I say to you, it is better that you rush upon my blade and perish, than you make this attempt with fear, avarice, or deceit in your heart.”
“Readily do I swear.”

“Know that before you may be named among us it is necessary to suffer and be purified. Are you willing to suffer, and learn?”
“I am so willing.”

“Kneel, then, and open yourself to the trial."

stand behind postulant, who kneels facing the witnesses

"Have you borne arms against the Vigiles in any cause, or given aid, counsel, or comfort to those who would destroy it?”

“I swear that I have not, nor shall I. My loyalty is to the glory of the Amicae Vigiles.”

“A loyal Amicae serves first the Writ of the Vigiles, then the Mission, then their comrades. A loyal Amicae seeks freedom, impartiality, and discipline. A loyal Amicae neither accepts defeat, nor thirsts for risk, nor boasts of easy victory. Do you seek the badge of the Vigiles for your own pleasure, profit, or personal safety?”

“I swear that I do not, nor shall I. My service is for the glory of the Amicae Vigiles.”

“A disciplined Amicae hones their sword, their body, and their mind. A disciplined Amicae sees first to the welfare of their comrades, their arms and training, and their own duties. A disciplined Amicae is expected to journey further, march faster and fight harder than any other warrior. Will you walk behind the shield of the Vigiles and turn your face from battle?”

“I swear that I will not. My valor is for the glory of the Amicae Vigiles.”

“A courageous Amicae never fails their comrades, nor shirks their duty, nor shows partiality. A courageous Amicae is ever alert, strong, and ready to fight to their last breath. A courageous Amicae holds their sworn duty, her comrades, and the writ of fellowship above all other concerns.”


“I swear upon my mother's womb, and by my honor among the living, and by my brethren of the shield, I shall not leave a comrade to fall into the hands of an enemy. I swear by my hope of salvation, my past, and my future to come, I shall never compromise the freedom of the Vigiles. I devote myself to utter destruction if I should break this, my solemn oath.”

“You have endured the trial: mark well, howsoever you move in the world it echoes threefold. This is the sacred mystery. Now by your will you are bound to the Vigiles Amicae, and as a mark of that bond which endures I now give you a new name.”

“Rise, -- , and let us welcome you among us.”

promotion formalized, talisman given in token, announce to witnesses

Vigiles! Welcome our youngest/honored Amicae, Rank -- !

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