The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Incident Report: Arrest of Sagona Benezia

It is recorded that the Vigiles Amicae made an arrest in the name of the Gorowyn Militia on in the month of Scorchedsky((6.15)). The offender was turned over to the authority of the Militia for judgement.
Here follows a summery and transcript of the event.

A shout of distress in a male voice summoned the local guard near mid-day. Equites Amrunrosse and the Praetor were engaged in business with the city liaison at the time, and conferred with them regarding the proximity of the duty officer. Commotion was reported from the tavern on the second concourse, and only third-year sentries were posted at the moment.
The Vigiles left word with the liaison to send a courier to the local command, and responded to the distress call in his place.

Equites Amrunrosse arrived on the scene first: A hooded female in cheap street clothes, armed with a potmetal dagger was restraining a freeblood male in heavy though poor-quality plat armor. Under threat of force, they were separated and made to kneel with hands behind their heads. The female was disarmed without requiring the use of force. The male was unarmed. Both were made to kneel with hands behind their heads for questioning.

The human female gave her name as Sagona Benezia and was in possession of less than one gold in small coins and a cheap pressed-glass talisman in addition to the dagger. She claimed the Freeblood stalked and threatened her, and her actions were cast as self-defense. At the Equites' expression of doubt she attempted to speak into a talisman: it was confiscated, and she proceeded to deny any knowledge of its usefulness, ownership, or origin. She frequently interrupted the questioning of the male, to assert his guilt and deny her own.

The Freeblood gave his name as Locanius of Neriak, and cited his Change as not two days past. He carried a quantity of gold coin, and a two-week supply of Vlosllye-type bloodwine, with attendant permits. He admitted to observing the female secretly before approaching her, but claimed that when he approached in civility she attacked him with the stated intent to relieve him of his purse. He claims he then retreated, and called for assistance.

It is the judgement of the ranking officer present that the testimony of Locanius was plausible and that of Benezia wholly flawed, and her actions in violation of local law. Order was given for her to be bound and delivered to the militia headquarters.

Benezia resisted arrest, making vague threats and attempting escape. She was unsuccessful: she was bound and delivered to the care of Primary Kalmaraa Di'Zin.

Locanius was released, with strict orders to report to the Primary and give his statement directly to them within 24 hours.

By the Hand and Will of the Praetor, Ariahdnia Z'Ress

Transcript of incident located in the archives.

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