The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nearly Midnight News, October 11

"Good evening and welcome to the Nearly Midnight News!"

Shizouka tells rplfg, "OBJECTION!"
Delepitore tells rplfg, "OVERRULED!"
Xaniel tells rplfg, "OVERRULED!"
Aeolon tells rplfg, "It's nearly 3am! That's not nearly midnight"

"This edition is called the "Worked for too much today and now I'm moving towards a nice tipsy"...edition."

Xaniel tells rplfg, "It is here..."
Ariahdnia tells rplfg, "*snicker*"
Aeolon tells rplfg, "Well, obviously, I'm in the real timezone"
Shizouka tells rplfg, "I'm on PST, Game time, so it is nearly midnight"

"There might be too many editions in there… I'm near 1:30, myself… Meh - it's nearly there..."

Aeolon tells rplfg, "What timezone was AMERICA FOUNDED IN?!? That's right, EST!"
Delepitore tells rplfg, "My timezone."
Aeolon tells rplfg, "Okay, okay, lets settle this sensibly."
Delepitore tells rplfg, "And I say.... Its elventybillion o clock! bwahaha"

"Noooo, see, America was founded in Common Era something or other. Railroads were founded in EST. So blame the railroads every fall and spring.”

Aeolon tells rplfg, "We'll go by the timezone of the person living in the oldest house, okay?"
Shizouka tells rplfg, "'Murica Time! its +FIST TO YOUR FACE from GMT!"

“Or that."

Delepitore tells rplfg, "I like SHizokas better"
Aeolon tells rplfg, "My house is about 230 years old."
Aeolon tells rplfg, "And it's really not well insulated."
Ariahdnia tells AmicaeOOC, "Ah, NMN. love it."

"I like that, too. Well, coming in at about 230 seconds old is me, here. At the acorn desk. OF DOOM. And fluffy bunnies.”
"I think I made that last one up. It's acorns. And rum..."

Shizouka tells rplfg, "*slinks over and starts placing bunnies on Folodu's desk, one at a time*"

"So anyways! Tonight, we have...Ah hells, let's start in Maj'dul with the legendary Volleyball league"

Aeolon tells rplfg, "Mmm, rum."

"Hey! Hey you! No herbivorous animals!"

Aeolon tells rplfg, "I had rum earlier today. I've got a theory... It could be bunnies."

"The bunny is a lie… Or is that parfait is a lie..."
"Anyways! Maj'Dul Volleyball! Last week, we ran out of heads for the official ball...and by we I mean Maj'Dul. NMN staff has nothing to do with severed head games..."

Aeolon tells rplfg, "I don't believe in parfait. What's the plural of parfait?"

"Parf...ii? Parfii. I looked it up. In my spare time. And didn't totally make it up just now."

"So - severed head shortage! If you wish to donate, parfait!"

Aeolon tells rplfg, "Huh. The plural is actually prafaits"

"The NMN disagrees with the current opinion as it does not come from a non-credible news agency. So Nyah!"
*folodu sticks her tongue out at Aeolon*

Aeolon tells rplfg, "But I have a certificate!"

"How can a non-credible news agency get a credible certificate..."

Aeolon tells rplfg, "I stole it from you."

*mine is mad with crayon*

"Elsewhere in norrath, there has been a profusion of Special Snowflakes. An eyewitness newly assigned to the Great Divide states: "Huh. Where the hell did all of these fated heroes come from?" He continues with: "Well, they have money, so let's start swindling...""

Aeolon tells rplfg, "Hey, hey. FALSE REPORTING. I'm broke!"

"All disagreements to this opinion should mail several plat to the NMN along with their rebuttal, which will not go straight into a shredder."

"Which leads to our next article, the NMN has a good fire going lately. Have you mailed several plat and paper to them yet? Your donations are greatly appreciated Please do not include a return address. We know who you are. Also, don't bother with a name. We like to keep it interesting."

Aeolon tells rplfg, "*takes out an advertisement for a mage to craft fireproof, shred-proof, and tamper-proof paper*"

"Further into thurgadin, the Othmir are Up To No Good. The new sect of UTNG Othmir are laying fishy traps, which have caught five Kerrans today alone."

Bakmej tells rplfg, "your paper is so boring that jeff bezos will likely buy it"

"While investigating, we found that the new group prefers cat to fish - a distinct change from their former stance of "we eat fish. All fish. All the time" The cute predator is now the bane of such people as…”
*looks at the list of Kerran players*
“Who the hells are these people… Tony? The hell kind of name is that? And why does it specify his animal base? That just doesn't make sense..."

Shizouka tells rplfg, "Its a pretty stark name..."

"Under suspicion of trying to use her mass fame for ill gotten goods, NMN releases Folodu from their staff records today. While this is not surprising, no one was sure who else could report, so the restriction was lifted. For those who approve of this news… You get the idea. Send money. If you disapprove, money and a note."

Aeolon tells rplfg, "What if we just send a note?"

"Coming next month! We have the Festival of Discord, which is different from the Festival of Discworld!"

Aeolon tells rplfg, "Wait, wait, I missed the festival of Discworld?"

"We are not sure how it's different, but there might be a registered execution! Also, there might be a globe rather than a plate. Or - we might be so bold - a global pizza, with anchovies for seas and pepperoni for landmasses."

"The Festival of Discord will be...what, early November for this thing called the "Gregorian calendar" which is totally arbitrary and old. For those wishing for a better calendar, please /time."
"If your year reads 0, please press the pound key followed by a string of curses."
"Yep, still doesn't work… Stupid Es Oh Ee."

"Upcoming news! Veeshan cries! I didn't know dragons had tear ducts, but you learn something new every day! The Ultimate Good Dragon Kyrafim goes toe to toe with Nagafen the Lazy! And This sounds exactly like a tabloid..."

Shizouka tells rplfg, "So what about these tears of Veeshawn?"

"Oh! Right! Veeshan. Tears. Sad dragons, yep. Must have lost a contact lens or something.”
“Or or! A sad song! "And Veeshan wept!" That's the ticket! There was a rash of bad music, and it was targeted at dragons. Sadly, Darathar was not affected."

Shizouka tells rplfg, "Huh.. that gives me an idea for a song..."

"But Veeshan was, somehow! Maybe it was a scratched record. And maybe it was a keening wail of loss. I understand dragons like keening wails.”
*keens a little, badly*
"Alright, I'm not sure why they would. But they do. Credible news source. We don't even have a certificate to disprove us."

"In Thurgadin today, it snowed. This is reportable only because it was inside and there were no obvious clouds. Chronomancers are suspected, making the weather what it was ten thousand years ago. We asked one who said, simply, "You asked us that ten years from now! Go away!""

Aeolon tells rplfg, "Why can't Chronomancers just go back in time and stop Naggy and Vox from doing the draggy?"

"Despite the setback on the news source, we found a Crazy Old Man who was ready to vouch anything for a small meal."

Orochizak tells rplfg, "Time Doesn't Work That Way."
Shizouka tells rplfg, "Wibbly wobbly Timey Wimey"
Orochizak tells rplfg, "^"
Shizouka tells rplfg, "people think of Time as a natural progression of linear events... Its more of a sort of ball... of... wibbly wobbly Timey wimey stuff."

"His name is dave, and he had this to say, "Obradovrougetoffin!" Crazy ass old Dave..."
"Onwards! The ball of news can't be stopped!"
*flings notes over left shoulder*
"...And that's all we have for today.”
“Tune in next week for more Nearly Midnight News, Less Drunk Edition! I am your host, Folodu Amrunrosse. Things and stuff."

Monday, November 25, 2013

Report: On Mara

It must first be noted that the first contact with Mara was by the Far Seas Trading Company. The Marans are untrusting of large entities and prefer to work by means of liaisons. Their concern is valid, as their second contact was by treasure-seekers.

The second item of note is that the Marans seem to be human. However, their life span is far longer than the average human, and their young grow at a much slower rate. Their recorded history alludes to an elven ancestor that came to live among them and shaped their culture greatly. It can be assumed, but never stated, that this visitor was quite amorous.

While not quite xenophobic, they are not far from it and talks with them need to be undergone carefully.

Three main houses comprise Maran society. They each have a specialty and a simmering feud with the other houses. They are Nurwin--- specializing in carpentry and agriculture, Augren --- specializing in jewelry and sagecraft, and Ventur--- tailoring. Ruling these is the Whistling Fist Clan martial art academy and historical depository.

While the trade organizations are more than happy to let the Marans export their goods rather than learn to make it in-house, the more secular powers concerned with physical prowess seek to learn the Whistling Fist style. The Marans are quite content to play each off the other and teach no one their secrets. For those concerned, their style is a mixture of monk-like pugilism and bardic abilities. Due to the limited elven heritage in their blood, they do not enjoy much in the way of a better snap or density to their musculature.

Marans are traditionalists, with elders as the most vocal and most benefited group. There are significant leanings that discourage creativity and wanderlust, as well as a desire to obscure their history to outsiders and their young. The concern of pirates is high given what history they are trying to conceal.

In their past, they sought higher understanding and knowledge. They encountered the Nizara, a race that is something like a Naga and a Centaur with a snake-like body and humanoid torso and head. These creatures are quite powerful both physically and magically. They live in a magically built lair that cannot be reached physically, and a portal must be utilized.

Far inland on the Maran island is a lake with a rock protruding from it. Swimming the depths are relatively safe, as there is only normal aquatic life living there. The sunken structure is quite large and seems to be carved of the stone rather than laid. It is in the depths of this that the Marans built their research catacomb and temple. Their initial contacts with the Nizara promised to lead to greater knowledge.

The Nizara never intended to give this, of course, and sought an anchor to Norrath. The Marans were betrayed. The Marans have only one hero besides their elven ancestor. I conjecture that it is he that sealed the Nizara, and probably he that sunk the temple to ensure the Nizara would not be released again.

To gain favor with the Marans, I recommend working with the Far Seas Trading Company. Most of their contacts begin with the younger Marans, who are thrilled to have something new come to their world. Even if this does not gain immediate access to the ranking elders, at the least elders die and kids grow to take their place.

Adjuct Equites Diplomat Folodu Amrunrosse

Friday, November 22, 2013

Public record for Vigiles Amicae

Guild Leader: Praetor Ariahdnia Z'Ress  
Guild Ambassadors: 
Legate Pax Sytan Fiac, Legate Fafnier Brangwin, Vigiles Folodu Amrunrosse, Vigiles Akhutai Ssarathi

Basic Alignment: Neutral
City Affiliations: Maj'Dul, Gorowyn.
Guild Roleplay Style: Medium (Heavy when we're playing, but Real Life comes first)
Guild Heraldry: Crimson field with three swords in gold, and a gold border of vines
Vigiles Heraldry,
with the brocade texture
we will add at the appropriate level.

Guild Facilities: 
Small, heavily warded trade hall in Gorowyn. (T1 guild hall). Houses a permanent Gate to the Champions' Quarter in Maj'Dul.

Gorowyn Facilities include:
          - Extensive offices
          - Supply depots and banking facilities
          - Export Agent and marketboard
          - Tradescrafter's warehouse and fabrication facility
          - Extensive private housing and barracks
          - Rare mechamagical pipe organ
          - Fully appointed public bath with screened dressing rooms and varied pools
          - Public sparring room
          - COMING SOON: Vigiles Halls Auxiliary
This building project will offer a "hall of doors" to connect the Amicae prestige housing directly to the existing residence halls, and expand the open barracks for guests and newcomers. It will be equipped with an outdoor shrine, as well as the most modern mechamagical tinkervators extending access all the way to the Gorowyn docks. There is also a large kitchen, private distillery and diverse larder, long feasting tables in the refectory, a gaming lounge and light reading archive, and a salle for the excercise and honing of combat skills.

Champions' Quarter includes:
          - A fleet of Enchanted Carpets
Traverse the wide world of Norrath from the security of the Vigiles' facilities in Maj'Dul, where your travels will not be noticed - unless you want them to be.
          - Spirit attunement
Ensure that in case of injury or other need, that you will return home to your comrades.
          - Pennant of Skyshrine Loyalty
The droag of Skyshrine have offered a fixed Gate to the Vigiles in thanks for our contributions to their efforts at self-determination.
          - Shimmering Carpet
The intensely enchanted round carpet salvaged from the djinn palace which had once offered serious threat to Maj'Dul now allows the Vigiles to return to the Citadel for further training.
          - Whisper Column
Explore the realms of the spirits from the safe haven of the Vigiles temple and trophy hall.
          - Legate's Archive: A growing library full of copies of the most important surviving works of history, memoir, folklore and magic, as well as a display of many important artifacts from the Vigiles' military triumphs.
          - High Council offices and briefing room
          - Temple to the Fallen
          - Sickbay:
A fully appointed, extensive medical facility equipped to handle combat trauma and chronic conditions as well. Major amenities include comfortable waiting rooms, a healing garden, a secure pharmacy, accessible and semi-private offices for the medical staff, two emergency trauma rooms, Critical and Intensive Care wards designed to accommodate all sentient races, and three magically warded isolation units with magical and mechanical filters for quarantine and recovery in special cases.
Planned improvements include a pool and sauna.
           - Thurgadin EmbassyA permanent Gate has finally been cleared for general use, allowing the Vigiles to travel with relative ease to our Embassy at the far edge of the world. Construction is still underway in the area ceded to us by the Coldain, but the accommodations will be open to public use shortly.
          - Valacor's Uncanny EstateHeavily warded, Valacor's estate in Faydwer encompasses a comfortable private tavern for small gatherings.
          - COMING SOON: The Heroes' Reclaimed Palace
This building project will make it possible to cross directly to the Maj'Dul Estate grounds below the Court of Champions through the gates of the fortress, instead of crossing to the Housing portal. (RPly, Ariahdnia's Maj'dul Estate and Folodu's Affluent Maj'Dul house are both well within the Maj'Dul grounds of the Vigiles' facilities)


Lawful Neutral
Once, we were all refugees. 

 Whatever tyranny or danger we had faced, 
we had survived to see another mark, another day-cycle, another season, another year. 
 We swore vengeance, we swore memory, we swore our hearts and hands to survive and to fight. 

We, who have survived, we See you. 
We know your path and your challenge, even if we do not yet know you, 
for we have been on that trail, alone. 
 We have known that trudging back from the battle, 
wondering what will be at the end of that road, and questioning the virtue of every tortured step. 

 We say to you: 
the time is done for walking alone. 

 You have sought a haven, a refuge, a place of rest and healing. 

We welcome you among us: 
Stand behind our shields, and we will raise our hands together to defend you. 

 You have sought a cause that has meaning, that has value beyond mere gold and mortality. 

We welcome you among us: 
 Stand beside us and together let us raise our hands to protect those who need it, 
and bring judgment or release to those who need that. 

 You have sought a shield-mate, an ally to stand beside you, to help you on your path. 

We welcome you among us: 
 Stand before us, and swear your hand to ours, and receive ours in return. 

 You have sought a lesson, a tool, armor, arms, or aid. 

We welcome you among us: 
 Stand with us, and our strength and wisdom together shall be greater than the sum of all we had alone.

Watchers of Timorous official record reads as follows:
Ariahdnia Z'Ress Do'Trinae registered mercenary and trading company Vigiles Amicae with the Primary of Gorowyn, recorded as Praetor.
Second in command registered as one Sytan Fiac, also Teir'dal.
Official evaluation of Company:
Primarily trading House, assumed traditional Teir' out of favor with Cristanos or other political elite. Generally quiet: occasional social disturbances near sellers of spirits, and a short history of potential actions or complaints involving Nerian, Qeynosian, and Freeportian Companies, all marked resolved with no legal or military action. Further details classified Security Clearance P-A3 or higher.
Updates to the record:
Official sanction granted to establish limited operations in the residential aerie, 18 Grayeven, year 3400 of the Age of Velious.
Secondary contact point for Vigiles Amicae registered as Court of Truth, Maj'Dul, 12 ScorchedSky, year 3500 of the Age of Velious.
Sanction granted per good record of Amicae to expand operations into official trade quarters of City and attune a private Gate not connected to City nodes, 10 Harvesthome, year 3700 of the Age of Velious.
Commendation for Praetor of Vigiles keeping Company in Good Standing with the City despite incursions by foreign political and piratical forces. Ranks assessed, granted equivalent and proper Sarnak titles and attendant privileges. Praetor to be considered henceforth of Primary rank in addressing remarks to the Gorowyn governing council: 5 Lastleaf, year 5 of the Age of Destiny.
Sanction granted to expand private wards to barracks extension of Gorowyn facilities, in return for enhanced fire-prevention wards for the entire residential Aerie, to be maintained every quatrain, negotiated Frostfell, year 3500 of the Age of Destiny.


Once, we were all refugees.

Whatever tyranny or danger we had faced, we had survived to see another mark, another day-cycle, another season, another year.
We swore vengeance, we swore memory, we swore our hearts and hands to survive and to fight.
We, who have survived, we See you.
We know your path and your challenge, even if we do not yet know you, for we have been on that trail, alone.
We have known that trudging back from the battle, wondering what will be at the end of that road, and questioning the virtue of every tortured step.

We say to you: the time is done for walking alone.

You have sought a haven, a refuge, a place of rest and healing.
We welcome you among us:
Stand behind our shields, and we will raise our hands together to defend you.

You have sought a cause that has meaning, that has value beyond mere gold and mortality.
We welcome you among us:
Stand beside us and together let us raise our hands to protect those who need it, and bring judgment or release to those who need that.

You have sought a shield-mate, an ally to stand beside you, to help you on your path.
We welcome you among us:
Stand before us, and swear your hand to ours, and receive ours in return.

You have sought a lesson, a tool, armor, arms, or aid.
We welcome you among us:
Stand with us, and our strength and wisdom together shall be greater than the sum of all we had alone.

Pragmatic and Discreet - some Amicae are more sociable than others, but civility is the rule among them.
The world is large and hostile - a profitable thing only with allies at your side. Safety is offered to those who have the courage to seek it, whether they are pursued by mortals, demons, gods, or their own past: yet refuge must remain forever beyond the grasp of those who harbor the heart of a tyrant.



  • Faction: City of Gorowyn
  • Faction: Allied Guild: Gorowyn Militia
  • Faction: Citizens of Maj'Dul
  • Faction: Sultanate of Maj'Dul

none known


  • Rumor: Investigation of Amicae for suspicion of harboring dangerous fugitives from Freeport. Investigation closed, contents of case file classified. 
  • Rumor: Investigation of Amicae for suspicion of harboring dangerous criminals, sabotoeurs, and seditionists from Qeynos. Investigation closed, contents of case file classified. 
  • Rumor: The working and poor classes in the larger cities can be heard muttering about haven and liberty. These conversations echo with the slogan "Strength in Unity", but rarely its common counterpart. 

OOC Description: 
The Vigiles Amicae is a medium-heavy rp guild that allows for a variety of martial and civilian rp concepts. There are no restrictions by race, class, religion, or city of origin. There is a civilian core, with a military guard drawn from the inner ranks, and sometimes supplemented by trusted allies. The guards often take small mercenary contracts as training exercises and to enrich the wealth and standing of the whole. We are a mature guild, and deal with mature topics, though all members are required to keep public channels rated R. The writ expressly forbids slavery, as well as violence between Amicae outside of the sparring ring.

How to Join: 
Interested in joining a growing guild that doesn't have a centralized crusade? Speak to an officer or look for us in the Guild Window.

What do we require to join?

  • Be 18+. As a guild and as individual characters we like to write stories that handle heavy themes and complex motivations/ethics. Both IC and OOC interaction often contains mature content: language, violence, sexuality, religion, political philosophy... It is recommended for a full experience that characters be 18+ as well, though under-age characters may be brought in on civilian status if their age is clearly marked. Note that these characters will be excluded from conversations and scenes handling mature material at the officers' discretion. 
  • Have a sense of humor. Know how to take a joke, or the joke will take you. Being ~too~ serious about anything will only hurt your own happiness. That said - bigoted speech isn't funny. It's just sad. 
  • Real Life Comes First. No drama. We play the game to have fun and write stories ~together~. Have as much drama and intrigue as you want (and fellow players agree to!) in character, but remember real life and roleplay are separate. 
  • Respect the players. Within the Amicae no character is permitted to attack another Amicae for their race/gender/religion/class, and no such insults in real life will be permitted among guildmates. Swearing is permissible, but language which has its basis in denigration or oppression of any group will invoke discipline. Likewise, no discrimination based on account level will be tolerated. 
  • Respect the stories. Invite people to play with you, but don't force your character or story on anyone ( in or out of guild) if they're not cool with it. Also, agree on duel methods ahead of time out of character. Roll method is recommended. 
  • You are responsible for your RP. You have agency in your RP - don't let another player dictate your story, and don't rely on another player to write you into their story for you. The guild is not responsible for your RP - you are. 
  • The RP rules are part of the concept of the guild. If those rules don't work for the character you want to play, maybe that character's not a good fit for the Vigiles - and that's ok! The intention is to have a fluid, flexible structure that many varied characters and stories can flourish in, but your freedom ends at the tip of someone else's nose. We look forward to meeting you!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nearly Midnight News, October 4

*gathers a few notes and pushes a large stack of papers off a large acorn desk*
"Well, this is a little messy. I hope there is nothing important in that. might get a wizard to incinerate it later..."

Arquenniel tells RPLFG, "YAY!"

*strikes a match and drops it on the old paperwork*
“Nah. too much time. Welcome to another edition of Nearly Midnight News, Uncut!"

“In the news this week is things of a Legendary and Fabled nature! But not too legendary or fabled, because then you would have already heard about it. As many of you now know, I can once again file my nails with the souls of my enemies, which was impossible before because Reasons. Which are slightly dissimilar from Reisens, which are mostly just tasty. Reisens? Riesens? Those little chocolate covered things that stick to your teeth."

"Also, new Heroic Characters who are probably delusional psychopaths! Get one word from a raving lunatic and go butcher a dragon! While it might be reasonable to assume that someone, somewhere might be chosen, the recent influx of these rather... special... new adventurers has the exchange economy flabbergasted.”

“The Dark Bargainers said in a statement, "Vith, they are rich, but can't spend a copper! How am I supposed to stay in business!?" He was promptly mugged by a vampire, who is totally *not* permitted to mug whomever they please by order of Cristanos. There is other news for Neriak, but I think I burned it..."
*watches the pile of papers*
“Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was something about an arasai. Regrettably, it must not have been important. And if it was a Human Interest story, well, humans are dull anyways, so moving on."

Orochizak tells RPLFG, "Arasai are rarely important."
Kalmaraa tells RPLFG, "Psychopath eh?"

"A new arrest has been made by the Knights of Freeport recently! Admittedly, this is convenient to the upcoming Festival of Discord, and A Coincidence I'm Sure. Faolayn has been apprehended for… Misconduct and Drunk In Public Displays Of Affection. Or soul harvesting. It's not entirely clear."

"Words from the Lady Commander were brief. One might almost say non-existent. The incident in question only goes to prove a point. Strength in Unity, probably. It usually is, after all."

Arquenniel tells RPLFG, "Unity in Lucan!"
Kalmaraa tells RPLFG, "Here i thought the words where, "I need another rum to deal with all this....""

"There will probably be a public execution on or about the Festival of Discord. I would expect there to be a public trial about seconds beforehand. And justice will be Served. By served, we leave it open to your imagination."

Missymee tells RPLFG, "Always a lovely sight."

"Let's see let's see… Ah yes, on a lighter note, there is a profusion of dwarves recently! I will remind everyone that dwarves are shorter than most elves and humans and iksar and kerran and sarnak, putting that a good knee-capping level. Please do not feed the dwarves. Though buying them a drink is probably for your good health. Buying the Lady Commander a drink might also be for your good health."

Malindres tells RPLFG, "Does this mean we have to buy one for you?"

"It would not be turned down."

Orochizak tells RPLFG, "What if I put poison in this proposed drink, that I buy for this ah, commander softskin?"

“Poisoning the Lady Commander has already been tried, and is not wise to reattempt (without supervision)"

"Draconic-speakers are on the rise after a new initiative prompted by the Combine Empire, who seems to delight in mass slaughters of dragons. For those wishing to take up Draconic, be advised that good shoes and decoder rings are necessary. See your local Sage of Ages today for details."

"For those interested in participating in the Maj'Dul Headless volleyball league, please be advised that all applicants must be able to say at least three words. The freshness of the head is a must for a fair game. Undead heads are disqualified for un-natural gore. For all other Maj'Dul volleyball questions, why the hell are you asking? they are nuts!"

"It snowed in Velious for the third week running. Yep. Still news, somehow. I think the meteorologist out there is either lazy or bored, because I have heard that it at least hails once a month."

"In lighter news today, Qho Augren has gone missing! For those seeking him, please check under many rocks, a fallen forest, and in Kithikor. All those who successfully find him, I am sure there is someone willing to pay for him to be put back. His sister, in fact, is offering a several-platinum reward never to hear his name again. Why an -year old has that much, I do not know, but I think a little shake-down might be in order later."

"Freeport announces the closure of the stock market today after no one was able to figure out what a stock was, and certainly not where to buy one. Anyone wishing to solve this problem is advised to talk to a Gigglegibber today, preferably with at least 10 silver on them."

"The Nearly Midnight News Staff would like to thank the following people for their help in cleaning a recent paperwork backlog: Matchstick. Without you, Matchstick, we would have real work."

"Thank you. I am Folodu Amrunrosse, and this has been the Nearly Midnight News."

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ages and Eras

Age of Shattered Lands

Earth date: 


Estimated Norrath dates:
Blossoming in the Year of the Triumvirate, 4211
Busheldown in the Year of the Rathe, 4215

The adventure in Everquest 2 Begins, 500 years after the Shattering of 3711, and the great Rending of the 3600s, more or less. Records have been destroyed along with continents, and Norrath is still reeeling from the cataclysmic effects of the explosion of Luclin and the retreat of the gods. The seas are just beginning to be navigable - but at great peril!

Bloodline Era

Earth date: 


Estimated Norrath date:
Deadening of Xegony, 4212

In the Age of the Shattered Lands, an ancient secret was uncovered in the treacherous northern crags of Nektulos...

Splitpaw Era

Earth date: 


Estimated Norrath date:
Deadening of Fenin Ro, 4213

In the Age of the Shattered lands, the savage gnolls of the Steppes grow bold, abducting unwary travellers in broad daylight and within reach of the trade roads. Left unchecked, chaos may retake all that has been won from that crater-pocked land...

Age of Flame

Earth date: 


Estimated Norrath dates:
Lastleaf in the Year of the Rathe, 4215
Scorchedsky in the Year of Xegony, 4217

"Even the boldest sailor cannot hope to return from the uncharted, drake-infested seas - but far beyond any reliable map lies a vast desert, rich in ancient magic. It was once thought lost, or mere legend, but dark-skinned strangers too beautiful to be human and too bold to be elves, have begun to appear in the rival cities. They bring with them an enchanted carpet, a magic unknown to Concordium or Academy, and lure heros to ride with them to gold and glory - and the preservation of their people from the tyranny of the powerful..."

Age of Sky

Earth date: 


Estimated Norrath dates:
Warmstill in the Year of Xegony, 4217
Blossoming in the Year of the Triumvirate, 4220

War has erupted between the greatest powers of the civilized world: Qeynos and Freeport have cast aside the centuries-old uneasy truce, recruiting vast armies and prestigious mercenaries to wrest power from their ancient rival. In the shadow of this savegery, a rogue band of scholars has begun rebuilding the ruined arcane spires...

Dynastic Era

Earth date: 


Estimated Norrath date:
Lastleaf of Fenin Ro, 4218

The Far Seas Trading Company has made a profitable discovery: the exotic island of Mara, unknown even in legend. The people have an ethereal - almost elven - beauty, cultivate highly refined arts, a unique martial discipline unmatched in the world... and a deep mistrust of outsiders. 

Age of Faydwer

Earth date: 


Estimated Norrath dates:
Oceansfull in the Year of the Triumvirate, 4220
Blossoming in the Year of the Triumvirate, 4224

The mists that have guarded the northeastern seas have begun to lift, and the drakes that have guarded the mists have been thinned. The first ships have begun to land in the lost homeland of Fay and Elf, but centuries have passed and the land has changed, birthing new dangers among the bones of the old-! The City of Kelethin has survived, hidden deep in the forests, but in Faydwer, the Great Wars never ended...

New Nerian Era

Earth date:

Estimated Norrath Date:
Warmstill of Fenin Ro, 4222

The Lost City of the dark elves has opened its outer gates... or has it?

Age of Kunark

Earth date: 


Estimated Norrath dates:
Oceansfull in the Year of the Triumvirate, 4224
Oceansfull in the Year of the Triumvirate, 4228

Discovery knows no frontier it will not face: across the open seas which have swallowed so many hapless explorers, a few brave souls have gone beyond the map - and returned to tell of it! They say it is the birthplace of dragons, this enormous, wild new land, with a thriving city built around an active volcano. Dare you board ship for it?

Age of Shadow

Earth date: 


Estimated Norrath Dates:
Scorchedsky in the Year of the Triumvirate, 4228
Oceansfull in the Year of Xegony, 4233

Gnomeric stubbornness knows no restraint: The airship which crashed into the sands so long ago has been rebuilt! The walls of storm and reef which turn back or destroy any mundane ship are as nothing to the resurrected Skystrider... but the land of Ykesha and its creatures have been changed and warped by the incursion of a dreadfully familiar kind of darkness...

Age of Sentinels

Earth date: 


Estimated Norrath Dates:
Scorchedsky in the Year of Xegony, 4233
Scorchedsky in the Year of Xegony, 4237

The unceasing efforts of scholar-mages have expanded the reach of the great spires, and rediscoverd the fabled land of Odus. Wrenched from its roots and tangled with a deep and wild magic, the fate of Norrath itself is now bound with Odus, for the Overlord has vanished and the City of Freeport is at war with itself as the Barons vie for Power...

Age of Velious

Earth date:

Estimated Norrath Dates:
Warmstill in the Year of Xegony, 4237
Weeping in the Year of the Triumvirate, 4240

The twin Swords of Destiny, Soulfire and the Qeynos Claymore, have been drained of their powers. A new island has been discovered among the iceflows of the Frostfang sea, cradling a shrine built by a mourning god. Pilgrims of the Marr twins are setting out from every city to settle the harsh yet beautiful island, and win glory from its shores. The prophecy known as Age's End begins to unfold in the legendary continent of Velious, at the very edge of the world, and it is here where the war for Norrath will arise. For there to be any chance to save Norrath, the Swords of Destiny must be restored...

Age of Discovery

Earth date: 


Estimated Norrath Dates:
Blossoming in the Year of the Triumvirate, 4240
Blossoming in the Year of the Triumvirate, 4244

From the frozen Thurgadin docks in far velious, bold explorers have found treacherous new lands beyond world's end. The tracks of divine wars are still fresh here, and dragons rule with wild magic. It is here that the New Combine Empire will be reborn, a glorious alliance of all races and faiths for the preservation of Norrath - if they can ever get anything done...

Rebuilding of Freeport

Earth date: 


Estimated Norrath date:
Busheldown of Triumvirate, 4220

The Overlord has returned to Freeport, and the Citadel has been rebuilt! With might and grace, the Overlord has ordered the rebuilding of his city in a new and more glorious image, sweeping away the squalor and filth which had been breeding at the edges of his City, uniting the Citizens in Strength as the most powerful faction in the New Combine...

Rebuilding of Qeynos

Earth date: 


Estimated Norrath date:
Stargazing of Rathe, 4223

The Queen has returned to her place, welcomed by her beloved people... but the Council of Ten that ruled in her absence is loathe to reliquish their power. The Queen has ordered the City rebuilt, and the overcrowded outlying precincts demolished for new and better buildings - but the Restoration hasn't quite gone as planned...

Age of Ethernere

Earth date: 


Estimated Norrath Dates:
Oceansfull in the Year of the Triumvirate, 4244
Blossoming in the Year of the Triumvirate, 4248

Magic is acting strangely, and birthrates are falling. Mystics and Mages suspect souls are not returning from Ethernere as they ought to... Many are questioning the widom of chronomagic and necromancy as the drain is felt across the world - but without such arts no hero could hope save the mortals of their world, or right the imbalance in Ethernere itself. They may yet find the answer lies not in fortunes and portents, but deep in Norrath's past.

Age of Veeshan

Earth date: 


Estimated Norrath Dates:
Oceansfull in the Year of the Triumvirate, 4248

After rediscovering Yelinak, now the steward of Vesspyr Isles alongside other fallen and familiar dragons, heros learn of the time/space powers behind the Tear of Veeshan stolen by prismatic dragon Kerafyrm the Awakened. With Kerafyrm's fearsome power looming over Norrath, heros are called upon to shine light into the darkness brought on by the Awakened's draconic army, and set the stage for a new Age to begin!

Nearly Midnight News, September 27

*shakes off some bits of fairy*
“You find one arasai who has genocidal thoughts, and soon you are covered in bug-bits… Ick. Is that a wing stuck on my cheek? Horrid."

Zeldrena tells rplfg, "o.o" 
Cherlynx tells rplfg, "Oh my. You need a baff. Baaath. Thorry."

*pulls up a chair at the big dusty acorn desk* 
 “Anyways, onward! Welcome to the Nearly Midnight News, colloquially known as NMN II: Extended - now with Streaking Client!”
*releases a nekkid troll into the channel*
"In tonight's news, we have... ahh... umm… Stuff in Thurgadin! Cool stuff! But it involves dwarves, so no one really cares."

Zeldrena tells rplfg, "*is snatched by the troll, taken into an alley. Moaning quickly ensues*" 
Sharisnarr tells rplfg, "Traffic is backed up at a tavern in Thurg as they invented a new kind of ale, and there passout out over each other for it."

"In Skyshrine today, everyone was wondering: "Why is it called Skyshrine? I don't worship anything here!" And the brief answer to that is, and I quote, "Because we said so". That is, they would, but a profusion of adventurers killed everything. This includes the quest givers, who were killed out of frustration for the monsters and stuff being dead from previous groups."

Zeldrena tells rplfg, "In other news, Zeldrena started a serious debate on why men think women belong in the kitchen or laundry room!" 
Drakkarious tells rplfg, "*leans his chin on his fist* "

"It has come to our attention that women might belong in the kitchen. This comes after surprising evidence of feeling the need to feast upon the innards of their oppressors. This is news, though not entirely surprising.” “Please disregard the way the sausage is made. I am sure the gnomes meant well.”

“In other news, the Maj'Dul Beach Volleyball tournament has been delayed due to a lack of enough regulation equipment. If you happen to have a head you are willing to donate, please see the nearest Sha'Ir. We are told the process is quick and painless. “For further developments in the desert, please see someone who is crazy.”

Zeldrena tells rplfg, "In even more news, Sharisnarr recently took an Iksar concubine!" Aslanna tells rplfg, "Grats Sharissnarr!" Zeldrena tells rplfg, "*simply likes spreading gossip :*"

“Hade...Drinal has issued a statement regarding the kidnapped Firiona. He states thus: "I wasn't there at the time. I would like to see proof of your accusation. What flower? That's a bloody tulip! I'm death! It's a thing! Adventurers have lined up to deal with the problem in the normal way. The death toll is staggering. Anyone wishing to participate is instructed to transfer money to a swiss bank account under the named Ess Oh Ee."

Zeldrena tells rplfg, "Drinal also stated thus "She was my secret lover. We've never been truly apart until now!"" 
Sharisnarr tells rplfg, "makes me wonder if you seen Cobalt Scar yet...heh."

"In weather tonight, there is snow in Velious....didn't we report this last week? Stupid vithing... Please excuse us while we fire the copy editor...
 *pulls out a knife and throws it randomly away - there are a few noises, mostly liquid sounding*

Zeldrena tells rplfg, "*The copy editor comes back to life as a zombie and attacks Folodu*"

“So - real weather! A freak storm has caused it to rain frogs in Qeynos! The local froglok population is not amused, though some of the more swank eateries are quite gleeful. For anyone wishing to participate in...clean up.... please buy a local fishing license from your local guard. "His name is Big Tom, and he is quite unhappy if you don't."

Zeldrena tells rplfg, "*watches some frogs rain down on Folodu*"

"A huge norrathquake occurred today - in the middle of a yha-lei encampment. No one has any further news, but there are some highly entertained Teir'Dal nearby. One might think this was perhaps not a coincidence."

Zeldrena tells rplfg, "Good night Norrath! I'll be back in a little while! This little kerra girl stayed up past her bedtime!"

"The Nearly Midnight News is now going green! To help with this effort, please hand over all items that might be valuable. For those wishing for better content or service, please donate an amount equal to...what is a USD? Umm....fifteen or sixteen of those. Expanded content includes In-Jokes, Privilege, and less harassment by this kid named Qho."

"This has been the Nearly Midnight News. I am Folodu Amrunrosse, for some ungodly reason your host."

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nearly Midnight News, September 21

...*walks up to a large acorn desk*
“This is dusty as anything could be... that's not quite right. And these loose papers! I thought I gave specific instructions for this to be cleaned..."

Cyphaer tells rplfg, "!!!!" 
 Kissari tells rplfg, "*goes all feir'dall happy mode and tosses those papers all over while jumping about giggling* La-la-la-laaaa-la."

*pulls up a chair and sneezes*
“Well, the show must go on. Er... well... the news. You get what I mean. Welcome to the Nearly Midnight News, Truncated and Late Edition."

Cyphaer tells rplfg, "YAY!"

"New in tonight, Othmirs attack! Word from Velious is that the Othmirhave been going around and biting the faces off of - gasp- cabbages and root vegititables and the random adventurer! These once-cute critters are now the bane of the Dain, going so far as to raid the gardens of the dwarves and gnawing an ankle that might get in the way."

Vinjarick tells rplfg, "diabolical"

"Word from Thorin Drunk'Dain is that the food stores have been running dry, and they always wondered about those "shifty, beady-eyed watercats". While no one from the Othmir camps has been willing to speak on this matter, our reporter in the field, me, has been attacked as well! These soft, luscious-furred creatures glomp and hug and tackle and assault you with adorable."

Celennia tells rplfg, "wait..the nearly midnight news is back????? yay~" 
Ombline tells rplfg, "As long as mine keeps up with his (her? I can't tell) research, I don't care what the othmir does in zer spare time."

"Much nicer than those stupid hua-mein bear-things… Anyways, There is not any indication of if this is true, save for one little othmir caught in an orc camp. And if you could ever be so kind, could you please release him...?

“The orcs, of course, say he is a dangerous and wild critter who took out the last chief Ry'Gorr. With the assistance, of course, of an unknown reporter. The accomplice is still at large, and no reward is being offered. The orcs seem to consider "good riddance" in this case is well founded."

"Elsewhere, Had... Drinal has captured Perse... Firiona. While the surprising turn of events has caused much stir, historians are trying to figure out if this has ever happened before. The answer? No.”

“For an expert opinion, we made one up: "Oh, the horror! Our little Firiona has gone missing! Try the next castle..." Anyone who has any information is requested to present it to the Lord of Death, and to expect Quite A Reward. We were unaware of any ominous intent."

"It is also noted that a new sign has been posted."No Trespassin: Violators will be shot in the knee." So of course someone investigated. More to come when we see them next."

"In the high city of Paineel, there are experiments regarding necromancy. Qeynos objects. This is hardly news at all."

“The gnomes caught in Ykesha tonight report higher than average rainfall. There are also reports of higher-than-average drinking, as the engine cleaner seems to be alcoholic. For those on the lower island, wear a hat."

Ariahdnia tells rplfg, "**snerk**"

"Deep in Klak'Anon, the clockworks are trying to create sentience. As they are copying the gnomes, we expect impressively explosive results. That they are already sentient seems to mean little. I suppose this means that a Clockwork Sutra needs written so that they have some basis of understanding. "Insert Tab A into Slot B for a good time...” That's terrible...who comes up with this stuff? I need to fire someone, I just know it. ...Oh...right..."

"The Maj'Dul volleyball league starts back up again this week. The new regulation ball is a head weighing no less than three stone. Any willing participants are to be weighed at their leisure in the market. While some might find this a bit gruesome, it has weeded out those players who are not serious about the game. These are to be considered the first volunteers. Maj'Dul, it's a hell of a town."

"The weather in Frostfang reports snow. Really. Just snow. Nothing special about it. Why do we even both sometimes. We try to put on a quality program and you just get… “Snow."

"In other news, a new organized crime syndicate has risen across Norrath. Calling themselves Krono, they squeeze the citizens dry to get "that certain something" that seems to have known psychological effects of dependency and irrational desire. Some call this a "protection plan" while others call it "the best thing since Paid Subs". Not being much into the BDSM community, we are not sure what this means."

"That is your Nearly Midnight News. I'm Folodu, and this is irreverent."

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Noble Craftsman: or, How To Be A Great Cobbler

Transcribed by Folodu Amrunrosse

One must first take pride in their work, whatever it may be. Only from that can you be among the great artisans. You also need to be able to meet the needs and desires of your clients. You must use only the highest quality items in your work. You must use the finest detail you can manage. You must be discrete - never outright admit to working with someone. 

With pride comes a need for excellence. Own your skills to the extent they exist and don't you ever claim to know how to do a thing you do not. It hurts the relationship you have with your client and will not recommend you to them for future work. 

Each client is different. If you know how to make a good shoes but aren't so great at thigh-high boots, then see if the client is alright with something a little different. If not, own up that you aren't the best and try anyways. A good attempt goes a long way. 

If you are willing to skimp on the quality of your material, where else are you going to cut corners? You are making the last pair of shoes, so spend that little extra on good sand and binder. Let your client know they have only the best around their feet. 

Some people aren't picky and are willing to go with standard clogs. Never permit that. Even if you are being paid something ridiculous, make sure you take the time to smooth your surfaces. Even when you are making a mold for a particularly intricate boot, make sure you hand touch the last details. It's the small things that matter most here, so working around limitations will be your hardest challenge. Be willing to alter a casting for fractures and swells.

Remember, you want your client to know they have only the best on them. Be sure to remind them often on your skill. Even as they say hello to the fishes, they should be aware of the remarkable job you done for them. It makes them feel special for that brief, important moment.