The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

The Writ

Once, we were all refugees.

Whatever tyranny or danger we had faced, we had survived to see another mark, another day-cycle, another season, another year. We swore vengeance, we swore memory, we swore our hearts and hands to survive and to fight.

We, who have survived, we See you.

We know your path and your challenge, even if we do not yet know you, for we have been on that trail, alone.
We have known that trudging back from the battle, wondering what will be at the end of that road, and questioning the virtue of every tortured step.

We say to you: 
the time is done for walking alone.

You have sought a haven, a refuge, a place of rest and healing.

We welcome you among us: 
stand behind our shields, and we will raise our hands together to defend you.

You have sought a cause that has meaning, that has value beyond mere gold and mortality.

We welcome you among us: 
stand beside us and together let us raise our hands to protect those who need it, and bring judgment or release to those who need that.

You have sought a shield-mate, an ally to stand beside you, to help you on your path.

We welcome you among us: 
stand before us, and swear your hand to ours, and receive ours in return.

You have sought a lesson, a tool, armor, arms, or aid.

We welcome you among us: 
stand with us, and our strength and wisdom together shall be greater than the sum of all we had alone.

Remember that the Amicae were formed first from those who survived, and who would remain free.

They bound themselves to one another in freedom, and they watched and guarded each other at need,for the good of all.

From the bones and ash of the long wars, we remain. In the days after the citadel fell, many were lost. Some remained in the City, amid the chaos, others left to prepare a place of greater safety, for Xiphos, too had been lost. In the stuggles of the barons, the alliance pushed back, guarding their liberties fiercely.

When the Overlord returned, it was first thought that the excesses would be curbed, and the liberty of citizens restored to what it had been, and perhaps more. Though the City had always owned flaws, the Citizens had their rights, and at least in that City, there was truth.

It is not evil to recognize that the Truth is not always lovely, whatever some partisans have always said.

The hopes of many were in vain: the third brigade has greater reach to police orthodox thought as well as action, and cull those who look or think or speak in any way which diverges from the mold. It was no longer enough to guard only each other, and remain away from the walls: those who did not care for the changes were no longer free even to leave.

And so, and so.

We who knew the City deeply... carried word of the secret ways, and hope of liberty. Some chose that path, some did not: the road of freedom is not an easy one, and can only be walked by those who have chosen it for themselves. Those who left, some of them sought Haven.

And so, and so. The Amicae grew.

The codes are older than the Vigiles, handed down over centuries.

The spear and shield of the Vigiles: these are the walls and wards and wisdom which guard us, which are the prizes of many victories, given freely for the good of all Amicae.

War has changed, as the land has been changed. The old Gates and rings of stone have been rebuilt, and the art of bending time to the will or mortals has been brought into the Pattern. The very warp of the world is meddled with. The flow of magic is changed: much is taken, and little returned.

The weavings of the powerful shake the pattern of every mortal soul and society.

Those who remember, and those who learn - we know that it was not only the war of the gods which broke the moon, and threw the seas into turmoil.

And so, and so.

It becomes ever more rare to find a place of haven, or of liberty. Yet even our own refuge is not held for the wishing of it, but by the strong arm of those Amicae who are also Vigiles. Yet without the other Amicae, there would be no purpose nor support for that arm.

We are become many, and the word of our existence spreads. The shadows which have cloaked our shield and our purpose begin to fall away: it is good.

We are become many, and there are those who in ignorance or avarice would destroy what we have built. The shadows which have cloaked our shield and our purpose from their malice are no longer enough: it is time for the spear of the Vigiles to rise alongside the shield of our hearts, and drive back the chaos, the entropy, and the greed that would seek to consume.

We are of a cloth, we Amicae, no matter our professions, or circumstances. It is good to renew the bonds we have chosen, of friendship and fellow help. It is good to find the heart of Amicae among others, and draw them among us.

May the woven fate guard us, and may no thread fray in cowardice, selfishness, or sadism.

We, the ever-watchful, the ever-faithful - no battle can sunder where we choose to build.

Vai Z'ress.

Be assured that these halls are fortified and warded, and you have come to a safe haven among the Amicae.

The High Council is composed of the Praetor and the Legates.

All laws, operations, and oaths will be decided by them in concert, and in accordance with the Writ.

- - -

For visitors:

- Be welcome among us in peace. As a sign of your intent, please disarm yourself at the door.
- Hostile action against any Amicae will activate the wards, and they will strike the transgressor with magical energy. The wards do not differentiate between sober or drunken actions.
The first violation will be an unpleasant strength, the second will excite a more vehement but non-fatal strike.
Should that not be enough, the third strike is designed to incapacitate the threat, and the transgressor will be imprisoned or exiled according to the council judgement.
- The wards are reset on solstice: between those times, they will retain the imprint of any they have struck, and how many times.
- Guests who have sought asylum will be under the direct care of the Legate Commander, who has full authority to deploy force as deemed necessary for the protection of the suppliant. It is advisable that all refugees heed his advice, or risk the loss of the protection they sought.

- - -

For the foederatti (contracted mercenaries and aspirants):

- Your first duty is to your sponsor, and every task they require of you.
- Your second duty is to learn our ways, and as quickly as possible.
- Your third duty is to honor, respect, and guard all Amicae against Tyrants, thugs, spies, vagabonds and other threats.
- Transgressions will result in fines, imprisonment, or exile, as the council judges.

- - -

For all other residents and guardians:

- Your oath to the Amicae superceeds any other bond of king, kin, or creed. Whatever your race or history, you are now Amicae. Not even the dictates of the little gods may be permitted to seed strife within our ranks.

- Respect and Guard the Amicae, and we will respect and protect you. It is understood that in your early days you may misstep, but repeated or gross transgressions will be answered with the full weight of our laws.

- All sworn Amicae are of equal value before the council, whatever their nature, age, or profession.
Marks of Honor within the Amicae denote greater responsibility for the welfare of the Amicae, though there are some privileges which naturally attend that.

- Civilian residents may go to the Tribunes, Vigilus, or Legate Pax for guidance, education, and assistance in their profession or craft.

- Soldiers of the Vigiles should first report to their direct superior and/or mentor as assigned. Scutari report to Equites, who report to the military Vigiles, who report to the Legate Commander.

- Soldiers of the Vigiles should first report to their direct superior and/or mentor as assigned. Scutari report to Equites, who report to the military Vigiles, who report to the Legate Commander.

- Civilian residents are not to interfere with military operations, nor are military operations to interfere with the peaceful prosperity of the residents.

- Civilians may hire their services to the guard for general operations, where they will for the duration of their service answer to their commanding officer as any line soldier.
Diplomatically sensitive or dangerous operations will be exclusive to military personnel.

- Prisoners of war are under the authority of the Legate Commander. Interference with any part of that process will be regarded as a threat to the safety of the Amicae.

- Wounded Amicae, whatever their normal designation, are under the direct authority of the Legate Pax until their Healing is complete, and a return to duty and/or release order is signed by the Praetor.

- It is directly counter to the liberty of Amicae to infringe on the liberty of another sentient being: therefore, the keeping of slaves is prohibited. The interference with and occupation of another mind or body without express consent is regarded by the council as a form of enslavement, and is likewise forbidden.

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