The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nearly Midnight News June 30

"*pokes about*"

Arquenniel says "YAY! NMN!!!"

"Oh! thank you! Yay! *sits back and watches Arq* NMN! NMN!"

"*looks about* Oh! That's me!"

Arquenniel says "You are very silly.. get to work wench!"

"Got to earn my meager paycheck..."

"Welcome to another addition of Nearly Midnight News! I am your host, until such time as my rating plummet and I get the sack.Which is a lot more than I usually get, what with the pay being three beans and a broken fork...But we will not dwell on what our esteemed overlords of broadcasting must know is successful!"

"In tonight's news, we go to Kelethin, where a Tree has sprouted! We are not entirely sure how this made the news, but there you have itnstead, we went to the local tavern and opened up a tab, which now runs at -least- two silver. We learned so much there, such as how to speak Faelie. Well, we tried anyways. Cupping one's tongue like an oak leaf is not easy. We might go for the rosetta stone, which is said to teach all languages. It is simple, and all you must do is stare at a rock until it clicks."

"But the Tree! Much was learned, such as it was planted by farmer bill back in aught eight during the drought of the river Pix. Well - actually, no. We got very suspicious of Farmer Bill after he kept saying that he was an orc... So regretfully, we learned next to nothing about this event, and now so have you!"

"Around Norrath, there were food shortages, especially in goblinoid camps. When questioned why, goblin Fardun replied "we dun plant the seeds so wells - we mostlies eateds them. " Expect goblin populations to diminish through the seasons for once."

"In tavern hopping, there was a rare occurrence of not one, but TWO bars open tonight! We were going to visit and ask what was up with that, but we couldn't decide who had better beer, so we stayed at home for a quiet night of checkers. Anyone who might have any information on this is pleased advised to bring enough for the entire NMN staff to get thoroughly sloshed."

"There has been tell that bars such as the Mummy and the Crown run illicit and dangerous crime scenes when no one is looking, but this is yet to be proven. So far, we must assume it is true and inquisite until we find out otherwise - tread carefully! We understand that there is little tolerance for backtalk and uppityness."

"In shipping today, pirates seized most of Norrath's ports. the groups, known only as Arr Pee Pirates, left no stone unturned, no building untouched, and no being alone in their quest for "plot". Caution is advised through the remainder of the day and well into tomorrow. Anyone caught feeding these pirates will be assumed to be aiding and abetting criminals, and will be punished post-haste."

"In weather today, it rained cats and dogs in the commonlands outside of Freeport for at least two hours. Cleanup crews are not having to put much effort in due to high predator numbers. The local animal shelter advises to always spay and neuter, though we are not entirely certain they were speaking of this incident."

"In sports, the Antonican Tennis Team has been disbanded due to issues involving a high mortality rate. Asked to comment, the team could not be found. Officials were quick to say that everything was fine, and to go about our business. The Halas Synchronized swimming team today suffered tragedy as half their team caught hypothermia. Investigators close to the source said "we told them it was a bad idea! The tutus just don't cut it!" The team is expected to be on hiatus for the remainder of the season, which seems to be very, very long in that area."

"The Erolissi Fan club had its donation drive in Gorowyn today. They collected three hugs and a kiss, though each was very worried that the Sarnak might eat them. They were informed to "oh, just grow up already!" The club did not respond well."

"In other news, the Festival of Unity approaches! This engaging event looks to be good fun to bring us all closer together! Especially the competitive sports, which are not known to drive any wedges at all anywhere. It is expected that anyone attending will proudly display their city badges and talk very loudly at each other."

"I am your host, Folodu Amrunrosse, and thank you for reading the Nearly Midnight News."

Friday, June 29, 2012

Nearly Midnight News June 29

"Welcome to tonights Nearly Midnight News! We have a special tonight from around the Bars! Yes, you heard me right! Today there was a prison riot in the Scale Yards of Freeport! It spilled out onto the streets and, in a surprise to everyone, onto the bell system, carrying the brawling to Qeynos! Eventually, the guards in both cities got it under control, but not before one stubbed his toe on a pebble. there was mild cursing and kvetching. Oddly enough, no damage was done to anything. An investigation is underway, though results might prove inconclusive."

"Also in the City of Freeport today, a poll was taken of local Prominent Citizens on what should be the Overlord's new title in this strange time of peace: Donkey, or Mule. Anyone responding was thanked kindly, and then pushed into the pit as terrorists."

"In music today, Dwarven rock band Pickaxe and Gnomish metal band Brellica have decided to team up and put on a performance, codenamed Brells Brass Balls - the only instrument to be used will be cymbals. The irony is very intentional, said one band member.  Concert-goers are advised to not bring ears."

"In Qeynos today, many citizens were at first concerned about the arrival of a new level of bureaucracy - the Smallclothes Inspection Brigade. This lasted only a moment before all consented to a search. Asked why, the Brigade cited indecency on the rise and barbarians in kilts, both of which might unnerve the citizens. Antonia is said to be the only one except from the search and potential seizure of illicit undergarments. In a comment, the Crown issued the following statement, "Get out of my office.""

"Amid a surprise visit by the NMN, the Rusty Grimoire was raided by an agent dressed as a Respectable Persons. The NMN agent asked many about the marshmallow pies, which are said to be delicious. It was found earlier that day that the pies are made out of minotaur. Asked about the pie, one patron said, "oh, this had thoughts....tasty, tasty thoughts....”. When offered a piece of the potentially once-sentient pie, the NMN agent accepted gratefully. We can only officially report that it is tastier than pens by a lot. When the organizer, Leruc, was asked to comment, he blinked at the NMN agent and hugged her. The premises was then vacated hastily by said agent."

"In sports news today, the Antonican Tennis Team has joined forced with the Norrathian Rugby Team Association in the wearing of the new uniforms, pink tutus. When asked why, the tennis team handed over a small ball that our reporter was not so aware was recently converted to an explosive. After tossing the ball around, clerics were quite necessary. Note to all Norrathians, do NOT trust the tennis teams in your area!"

"In other news, author Xsii is said to be working on volume five million of "Bree". We fully expect arthritis at any moment, and have gone so far as to place bets. For those unfamiliar with the "Bree" series, it is a cute love story about cheese and berries. For those familiar with it, it is the far more touching tale of a young lad and his forbidden love - it is a heart-wrenching tale of betrayal and ennui."

"No - this can't be right. This says it's a tale of love not permitted by culture! Nothing about cheese or fights to the death! For those interested in the book, tap your heels three times and spin in a circle counter clockwise - we are sure this will get no results but chuckles."

"In weather today, nothing spectacular happened. There was something about a double lunar eclispe, and typhoons hitting the same town three times running...boring old dry stuff. No one ever pays attention to the weather anyways."

"And with that, the Nearly Midnight News and your host, Folodu Amrunrosse - that's me - bids you good night!"

The Liturgy of Oathtaking

Postulant approaches, through the crowd and stands before the officiant, who draws blade on postulant

“Have you the courage for this road? For I say to you, it is better that you rush upon my blade and perish, than you make this attempt with fear, avarice, or deceit in your heart.”
“Readily do I swear.”

“Know that before you may be named among us it is necessary to suffer and be purified. Are you willing to suffer, and learn?”
“I am so willing.”

“Kneel, then, and open yourself to the trial."

stand behind postulant, who kneels facing the witnesses

"Have you borne arms against the Vigiles in any cause, or given aid, counsel, or comfort to those who would destroy it?”

“I swear that I have not, nor shall I. My loyalty is to the glory of the Amicae Vigiles.”

“A loyal Amicae serves first the Writ of the Vigiles, then the Mission, then their comrades. A loyal Amicae seeks freedom, impartiality, and discipline. A loyal Amicae neither accepts defeat, nor thirsts for risk, nor boasts of easy victory. Do you seek the badge of the Vigiles for your own pleasure, profit, or personal safety?”

“I swear that I do not, nor shall I. My service is for the glory of the Amicae Vigiles.”

“A disciplined Amicae hones their sword, their body, and their mind. A disciplined Amicae sees first to the welfare of their comrades, their arms and training, and their own duties. A disciplined Amicae is expected to journey further, march faster and fight harder than any other warrior. Will you walk behind the shield of the Vigiles and turn your face from battle?”

“I swear that I will not. My valor is for the glory of the Amicae Vigiles.”

“A courageous Amicae never fails their comrades, nor shirks their duty, nor shows partiality. A courageous Amicae is ever alert, strong, and ready to fight to their last breath. A courageous Amicae holds their sworn duty, her comrades, and the writ of fellowship above all other concerns.”


“I swear upon my mother's womb, and by my honor among the living, and by my brethren of the shield, I shall not leave a comrade to fall into the hands of an enemy. I swear by my hope of salvation, my past, and my future to come, I shall never compromise the freedom of the Vigiles. I devote myself to utter destruction if I should break this, my solemn oath.”

“You have endured the trial: mark well, howsoever you move in the world it echoes threefold. This is the sacred mystery. Now by your will you are bound to the Vigiles Amicae, and as a mark of that bond which endures I now give you a new name.”

“Rise, -- , and let us welcome you among us.”

promotion formalized, talisman given in token, announce to witnesses

Vigiles! Welcome our youngest/honored Amicae, Rank -- !

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nearly Midnight News June 27

"Tonights news comes from Gnomeland Security, and a surprise update regarding their struggles to produce the Ultimate item! The Philosopher's Stone is now a reality! In typical Gnomish fashion, this stone was instantly put to use. Sadly, a fatal flaw was discovered rather suddenly when it exploded. Fifteen clockworks were damaged, and the lead researcher was severely wounded. He is in critical condition and high on opiates. When asked how he did it, he went off on a tirade and tried to kill his nurses before getting tangled in his bed sheets and dying. Gnomeland Security says everyone is to stay away from anything suspicious looking for the next twelve hours."

"In a related note, the Arasai have been standing suspiciously close to people after their battery recall. Cristanos has declined to issue a direct statement, but seemed gleeful."

"In other news tonight, the Rugby Tutu Team has decided to launch a new campaign, requiring all sports to wear the new uniforms as equals. Their actions have caused great concern as they forced the Halas Water Polo team into them."

"Meanwhile, the Maj'dul Epic Beach Volleyball competition came to a standstill when the players could not decide on a dune to use. Fighting ensued after a brief exchange of words, and the streets are in riot tonight."

"The Norrathian Express Mail System was down today while their one fae employee spent all afternoon napping. The fae was reportedly supposed to clean the pens from the box, and says, quote, "I got nappy and it looked so comfy". Officials are hard at work explaining why this is Not Okay, and the Mail Must Be Delivered. The fae argued back that it was neither rain, sleet, snow, shine, or dark of night."

"In a surprise move tonight, the Ykeshian liftship Number 741 had an emergency evacuation in preparation for a planned crash landing. Passengers were disappointed, citing the crashes are the only reason they ride the behemoth airships. The Ykeshians have promised to resume regularly scheduled crashes just as soon as they work out a deal with their autonomous control system known as Cal, who rather likes being in one piece."

"In other news today, the Paper Eaters club met on the docks of Butcherblock to have their monthly competition. The Irontoe was not impressed, and asked the competitors to leave the area peacefully. There are still paper balls littering the beach tonight."

"In weather today, astronomers stared at the sun for too long and went blind. Clerics involved refused to comment, but a source who wished to remain anonymous stated "it was just so pretty!""

"The local Militia's ball is coming up - all past lawbreakers are welcomed to join in this gala, which is not a ruse to issues tickets and citations. The Hooligan's guild has expressed their full support and wish to join in as official guests."

"In Darklight, an unknown faction has recently defaced the countryside, planting trees at random and making all the hate and gloom less hate-y and gloom-y. Asked to comment, the Ebon Hand chased the NMN crew for several hours, expecting them to be involved. If you will pardon us, they are almost here! This is Folodu Amrunrosse with the Nearly Midnight News!"

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nearly Midnight News June 26

"hmm hmm. Where was it..."
"Oh! Nearly Midnight News! There I put it! Right under my mechamagical rock this nice gnome made for me...has a strange bit of string on it...I'll check that out later - anyways!"
"This is the Nearly Midnight News, and I am cutting it close this time! Due to certain legal issues, we cannot claim the title of Anchor until further notice."
"In breaking news, the Nerian Faction, We The Dead, issues a worldwide recall on all Arasai units! A potentially fatal flaw has surfaced, and all battery packs are found to be defective. In instances of low charge, the arasai have been known to become homicidal and forget their own names. In a press release, Cristanos is said to have cackled maniacally for a good ten minutes before issueing threats regarding fingers and removal. Never one to be outdone, the gnomish faction Clockomanic issued a recall on everything. No one took them seriously."
"In further news, Norrathwide transportation has broken down due to a small mixup of griffons - it seems one was issued to fill all roles - all traffic came to a halt for hours, backing up the needs of at least three. When questioned, the griffon handlers made note of a lack of pens, and seemed suspicious of Nearly Midnight News personnel. In a rebuttal to no issued arguement, the NMN issued a thousand page complaint, which most interested parties are using as bookmarks. The remainder are using the pages for airplanes, origami, and paperweights."
"In sports tonight, the Antonican Tennis Team was approached by Clockmanic for an update to the sport. Now, instead of points if a player misses a volley, they ball is designd to explode. Any complications are handled by having an Arisai onhand to toss an explosive, to drive the point home. The first match was good fun for all - sadly, the second incorporated the new ball design. The team is looking for those who might be interested in playing tennis."
"Fanciful Pets and Monster Magazine has reviewed the new ridable pet, now three times larger than the previous "leaper" class mounts. Initial field testing has been interesting, though test subjects are getting hard to find. Anyone interested in earning 500gold a day is advised to contact them magazine for new opportunities"
"In weather today, a vast storm blew up out of nowhere in the middle of the Karan Seas. It never made landfall, and no one was particularly interested in it. Someone suggested naming it - they have been ostrasized.”

“The scientific community is in a bit of a flurry today as the secret of Void is discovered! After many failed attempts to figure out exactly what it is, they caught the daughter of one lead scientist tossing ice cream into the mix - void seems to be actually made of ice cream. Clerics do not advise eating void, still, for unknown hazards."

"We have rumor tonight of things happening - we are not sure what things, or where, but we are ever watchful. We know you dun it, and we will find you and question you to boost our ratings!"

"Due to the amount of pens donated from yesterday's drive, Norrathian mail has offered to never let us within 500 yards of a mailbox again - this gracious move was delivered in writing by representatives of the Mail. Remember, give your mailman ice cream... *grumble*"

"In a strange power play, Echs has overtaken a square marked by Oh for attention - this shift in power is unlikely to lead to re-establishing relations between the powers."A source close to the struggle has noted that there was ink and lead everywhere."
"In happier news, it has been observed that there are many happier people in Norrath once The Society started putting drugs into the water supply. When everyone feels good, our ratings skyrocket - this makes us very pleased. This is Folodu Amrunrosse, your host. Thank you for enjoying - we assume - Nearly Midnight News."

Nearly Midnight News June 25

"News, news, something about news... Oh! Nearly Midnight snack!! Now where did I... There it is."

"In tonight's news, Loki has broken out of the magical realm of "movie" and "myth" to wreak havoc on my papers. The situation will be dealt with...just as...soon as...pen! A pen! *dances*"
"Alright! In today's news, the sultanate of Maj'Dul has hung it's head in shame as the Court of Coin demands all towers belonging to rival factions be eliminated. The people were very confused at this, as the Coins own all towers in the city. After several minutes of loitering, rioting broke out, and extensive damage was done to a nearby sand dune. Five rioters were sicced by the local Sha'ir, and twenty were peppered - one is said to have commented that "cheyenne makes everything better! Afterwards, skeptics ate a cayenne pepper and immediately had to be rushed to a medic, who issued a glass of milk and bread, and muttered. Damages are said to reach at least as high as five gold."
"In other news, the Nearly Midnight News issues an apology about our goblin story yesterday. It was not a goblin, but in fact a small ninja, disguised as a toad. There will be no further mention of this tonight."
"Author Xsii launches her highly-anticipated and highly-profitable book line, "Bree - the Sun of his Heart". Audiences received their first copies today, which were all offset at the printers and had to be recalled. The book is said to be a love story behind Bree and the antagonist Shalir - who were mortal rivals since childhood, and who grow quite fond of each other. We are fairly certain that is the premise anyways - the Nearly Midnight News has received no donation, and cannot afford pens... If you would like to donate pens to the Nearly Midnight News, please place all pens without stamp, envelope, or address, into the nearest Norrathian mailbox. The author, Xsii, might receive some of them, and they might be well received, as she works on volume XI."
"In sports today, the Rugby teams of Freeport squealed in joy as the Nerian ambassador presented them with a new ball made entirely of feet. It is noted by several players after their first match that it was "kind of creepy", and were "concerned that the ball kicks back". The Nerians were thrilled to watch as the team was chased about the field by said ball. Incidently, authorities are on the lookout of a small spherical object that has been kicking citizens in Freeport tonight. Anyone with information is advised to contact the local Knights or Militia to resolve this as swiftly as possible."
"It is almost time for the yearly charity drive in Qeynos - a festive day that runs several thousand platinum marks to run ricksaws around the city for a day. Last year's fair made 10gold 15silver33copper. There is much anticipation that they might add a third to that this year. Asked to comment, the local organizers had this to say: "Oh, tis a great blarmy time what be had be all! Say, you wouldna care fer a ride, would ye?" It was a thrilling way to see the bright city. One reporter even noted a Lady reading the Bree book, or possibly Necromancy 101 - they were travelling by rickshaw at the time, and the cover looked right for either."

"This is Folodu Amrunrosse, and I lost the rest of the news. Thank  you for tuning into the Nearly Midnight News."

"*bows and hits head on newsdesk*"

Nearly Midnight News June 24

"shall we...come up with some nearly-midnight news?"

"Good evening and Welcome to the Nearly-midnight news! Top story of the night!"

Lowgan says , "TONIGHT!! ON Norrathian News at 11.. Varric hosts a ball where a dunkard breaks a man's face. "

"Varric's ball! The anticipation built up through the evening as it was never announced! And yes, at said ball, a brawl! Presumably, there was Honor at stake! Though really, that is pure conjecture... Also! Intrigue and People! We go live to Lowgan, who interprets the event in dance! *waits for lowgan to dance* Yes - many were upset at the loss of Honor..."

Lowgan says , "-the room darkens and stage lights show only Lowgan who is wearing a dancer's catsuit.. He gallops around with twirls like a drunken ballerina then slugs Folodu right in the nose... Taking a bow the lights go off-"

"*holds a napkin to face* Ow...and that is the news at the ball..."

"Elsewhere, Anashti Sul makes a powerplay and opens chaos upon Norrath - several Voidbeasts have been seen raiding the streets of all major cities. In response, the coalition of Tradesfolk in Freeport rallied together to make scarves for the injured."

Xsii says , "Lies! There are no void beasts in Halas."

"No one goes to Halas anyways *makes stuff up*"

Xsii says , "Lies. Its full of people here. One can barely breathe!"

Lowgan says , "Full of Smurfs. No one loves them"

Lowgan says , "Smurfs.. Tiny blue stubby people"

"What's a smurf? Can you eat it?"

Arquenniel says , "I hear they give you horrible indigestion"

"*tosses the napkin away, her nose still bleeding* In response to the scarves, and not wanting to be outdone, the Seafuries launched a full scale carolling. No one would understand the drunks, and quickly locked their doors."

“In other news, the Queen, Antonia Bayle, has been seen hosting parties of enormous proportion, inviting thousands into her realm to "play", as it was put. Many suspect either a cult activity or other unseemly things. An investigation is being launched to determine whether there is "something afoot" or if everything is "jolly roger" - the investigation team might face some challenges."

"The goblin Fazfanakt died today during strife involving a stolen item of some value. The claim has been disputed, though no one wants to claim responsibility. Sources close to the subject all tried to eat our replacement pen, which was stolen during yesterday's auction. The pen, a cheap knockoff, was stolen by the Hooligan's guild. No ransom has yet come forth. The goblin is survived by a rather large family - a funeral is not yet planned."

"*static* *static* over the Steppes today as a tornado ripped through a stack of hay. The local farm boys will be collecting it for many minutes. On other parts of Norrath, astronamers are beginning to suspect the weather might all be controlled by a central source, known as Es Oh Eee. We are not entirely sure where this entity might be, but we suspect their weather is nice a and balmy"

"In sports today, the rugby association decide the new uniforms would be issued tutus. The rugby teams smiled and blush and said "thank you very much”. They then proceeded to pound eachother into the ground. It was a good day."

"The ship that was adrift from a stolen anchor the other day has been recovered - news teams are staying away from the investigation. "That is the Nearly-midnight news. I am Folodu, and this is all nonsense."

Nearly Midnight News June 23

"nearly-midnight news? oh crap...gotta come up with something. Oh!"

“In a random robbery last night, a ship's anchor was stolen. The then-drifting vessel crashed into many other ships in the bay. The local constable points to hooligans."

"The local Hooligans Union responds, "We ain't done nothin' wrong! we pay our taxes, too! If we had jobs, we'd be at them! No, don't steal the reporter's pen! Down!""

"Incidentally, if anyone happens to have a pen, our local news crew is currently unable to write anything down."

"The teemsters had a busy day today at their yearly puppy auction. As per every year, nothing sold as no one speaks puppy. Still, with the invited Hooligans, everything was gone by the end of the day. They all counted it as a pure success - some items listed for sale were from such notable places as the landslide, the one remaining post that did not wash away."

"On the topic of sports, today the Halasian Lagers played the Coldain Pale Ales. Partway into the match, no one could remember what was going on anymore. And also the score could not be written down for lack of a pen. Both teams lost toes and fingers due to frostbite - medics are still stitching the last on tonight."

“This is Folodu with your almost-midnight news."

Nearly Midnight News June 22

Ariahdnia says "And now, for the not-quite midnight report, with Folodu as your host."

"Alright, tonight is a bit of a crazy one... As today, the dow Jones kept falling for the third straight week as the zombie population tripled. The Lycanthropy Society has this to say, "The undead have always been a problem. You still refuse to acknowledge our role in keeping them down. Please! Repeal LEPER!"

"In other news, the fae courts have erupted in violence again over the question of color coding the library. Three were memed. Queen Mab is reported to have said "Pink dictionaries are just like those stupid seelie!""

"In sadder news, Professor von Bistek passed in his study last night. He discovered conclusive proof of the previously unknown number P. He is survived. His will is written in a code of personal anecdote and riddles believed to conceal a new number."

"Weather pattern continue to shift in the Great Planets region as meteor-sized frogs pelt the smaller moons of Norrath. Leading astronomers ate well."

"In athletics today, the Lucanic Knights beat out the Queen's Own by a landslide in the Running of the Floods competition. However, they were overcome in the next event by a single Ratonga with a sign written in gibberish. We would have comments from the athletes, but the landslide got them all at the finish line. They will be missed."

"The crafters of Neriak and New Halas got into a spat recently over the use of the word "linen". Neriak wants to use the word universally, while New Halas demands that only fibers of the bast plant be called so - most everyone else did not get either side, and bought stolen goods from Mara."

"In the farther reaches, our long-time reporter we have never heard from was eaten by a goat. As soon as we remember his name, we will let you know."

"That is your almost-midnight news. This is Folodu, and I have an anchor. Watch out for derelict ships."

Friday, June 22, 2012

Incident Report: Arrest of Sagona Benezia

It is recorded that the Vigiles Amicae made an arrest in the name of the Gorowyn Militia on in the month of Scorchedsky((6.15)). The offender was turned over to the authority of the Militia for judgement.
Here follows a summery and transcript of the event.

A shout of distress in a male voice summoned the local guard near mid-day. Equites Amrunrosse and the Praetor were engaged in business with the city liaison at the time, and conferred with them regarding the proximity of the duty officer. Commotion was reported from the tavern on the second concourse, and only third-year sentries were posted at the moment.
The Vigiles left word with the liaison to send a courier to the local command, and responded to the distress call in his place.

Equites Amrunrosse arrived on the scene first: A hooded female in cheap street clothes, armed with a potmetal dagger was restraining a freeblood male in heavy though poor-quality plat armor. Under threat of force, they were separated and made to kneel with hands behind their heads. The female was disarmed without requiring the use of force. The male was unarmed. Both were made to kneel with hands behind their heads for questioning.

The human female gave her name as Sagona Benezia and was in possession of less than one gold in small coins and a cheap pressed-glass talisman in addition to the dagger. She claimed the Freeblood stalked and threatened her, and her actions were cast as self-defense. At the Equites' expression of doubt she attempted to speak into a talisman: it was confiscated, and she proceeded to deny any knowledge of its usefulness, ownership, or origin. She frequently interrupted the questioning of the male, to assert his guilt and deny her own.

The Freeblood gave his name as Locanius of Neriak, and cited his Change as not two days past. He carried a quantity of gold coin, and a two-week supply of Vlosllye-type bloodwine, with attendant permits. He admitted to observing the female secretly before approaching her, but claimed that when he approached in civility she attacked him with the stated intent to relieve him of his purse. He claims he then retreated, and called for assistance.

It is the judgement of the ranking officer present that the testimony of Locanius was plausible and that of Benezia wholly flawed, and her actions in violation of local law. Order was given for her to be bound and delivered to the militia headquarters.

Benezia resisted arrest, making vague threats and attempting escape. She was unsuccessful: she was bound and delivered to the care of Primary Kalmaraa Di'Zin.

Locanius was released, with strict orders to report to the Primary and give his statement directly to them within 24 hours.

By the Hand and Will of the Praetor, Ariahdnia Z'Ress

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A plain, red-spined book - Apocryphal Journals: Folodu Amrunrosse

Archivist's note:
It is clear from contemporary records that Amrunrosse was fastidious about keeping her journals on her person or otherwise well secured, yet in the recent reorganization of the archive we have found loose signatures tucked among unrelated treatises on the applied arts of entropy as relates to the keeping of vegetable gardens in various climates.
Each is no more than eight pages of vellum, stitched with waxed linen thread and apparently in good condition, aside from having been at some point separated from the rest of its volume. The handwriting appears to be consistent from one entry to the next, though there are huge swaths of the work still missing.
What remains has been bound together in a probable chronology, and wrapper leaves were added around each original signature to hold such notation as is possible. The entries are undated in the original hand, but as many of the incidents are cross-referenced in the public archives, so a loose chronology may be posited.

This entry duplicates some information contained in earlier signatures, and the watermark on the paper indicates Maran manufacture, rather than Nektulan. It is likely that this represented the start of a fresh volume, and it appears we have several pieces of it, from a most interesting and controversial period in Amicae history.
During the so-called Age of Destiny, in the quicksilver rise of the New Combine, there was a great deal of political upheaval: from contemporary records it is clear that many of the leaders within the Amicae were aware of the turmoil, and anticipated some of the events that would later unfold, though it appears their planning availed them little in the campaigns which unfolded in those years.
The opening of this memoir is particularly interesting, as it makes some cursory attempts to bracket centuries of history in a few pithy lines. It is entirely in character for what history records of the notorious Folodu Amrunrosse, and the clearest evidence we have that these fragments are original to her hand.
It is advised that the student of history take her offered chronology and editorial commentary with a hearty grain of salt. In all the records we have of her hand, public and private, there is every evidence of a profound sense of her own centrality to events. Like most of the bardic-trained, it does seem she was drawn into many of the pivotal events of her time, and this must have only confirmed to her that she was therefore a driver of them.

It has been some time since I kept one of these. I hope to do it more justice than my previous ones.

In the time since my last journal, I have seen Xilinar leave for Qeynos, the Overlord vanish, got reacquianted with Ari and Val, helped found the Vigiles, and discovered Marconis’ pleasure den among a sect of Erolissians. I suppose I should begin somewhere close to there, at the beginning.

Last writing had me nearly ready to burst while carrying Chevanima. I was more city bound at the time, and Xil had just left for the Queen. [note: it would seem she refers not to the Bargainers' supported "Cristanos", but rather to the hereditary "Antonia" of Qeynos, although most records suggest that Chevanima's sire was dark elven.] I discovered Ari - or at least, a ghost of Ari - and knew it not. She was changed. I felt for her, but was too blinded with wanting affection that I did not see her own pains.

Even still, I have trouble with that, but I digress.

Xil had left to honor his allegiance with Ssinss when the Ilharn blew his lid that Ssinss had gone to Qeynos - he had not been informed that she was spying, there. My dear sis had had enough and walked. Xil walked with her.

I stayed, I helped hold the House together. It was my family, and I had sworn oath. It never even occured to me to follow them. It got me a promotion, and then I hid away from the world. I was depressed, and the little darling within me was really all I had going.

Then I found the ghost of Ari. I wanted so bad to have her love - I begged, I pleaded, I cajoled. I did not see that she was doing everything she could to comfort me, and I was doing nothing for her. She was stuck, and dearly missing Sytan - and a thing I will never tell any, I think she chose it because of him. I saw her when she turned the blade on herself at the Pit - it did not register. I could have begun delving immediately.

I know what she was trying to do, at least in part. Her memory starts to go when she is dead. It is uncanny, and unsettling. She was putting herself in a place to forget all of it. And - probably did not expect to come back: the Pit gives back few of its victims.

I suspect it was over Sytan because of how she aches when she thinks of him - she wants so much to be with him, and he with her. I really do not have a place between them. And yet. She lets me close anyways. It is hard to say if it is because I am a useful tool, if lustful, or not. Some days, it is very much like she loves me - and others. Well.

I cannot but admit it any longer, at least in these pages, but she fills my heart. Not in the way Xil did, but I really should not try to compare one love to another. I know well enough that each is different. We need each other, either way. She is bold and reckless, as I put on the show of being, and I could not bear her forgetting her love for Sytan, or her memories with me.

I know she will outlive me. It pains me to know that she will outlive even Cheva - and yet maybe. Maybe she will remember. Maybe Sytan will speak of us to her, when she forgets. All I can do now is be with her any chance I can, make sure she falls infrequently, bring her to herself, and be a way to bridge the gaps.

And - many dangerous places we have gone. Since founding the Vigiles so as we might have a way to be free, at some insistence, we have taken many, many dangerous jobs. Beware dragons, for they are large.

We have gained renown and profit, though I wonder if it will ever be enough. I am no longer so young, and not afraid of the City any longer. My fear lies in Cheva. I want to stop selling my sword and focus more on making her a place to live safely - a place I did not really have. She is a big motivator, and even Ari and Sytan, the two most stoic ‘dal I know, are affected by her charms.

I am glad I opted on my way of things rather than Vaka’s. I still think it foolish to have sent her children off to some plane to age faster. They will never be all that close. Maybe Vaka isn’t the mother type, but she didn’t even try. Then she let them run amok when they were old enough, threatening the House and being the least subtle creatures she could host. This - this was held up as a model - as an ideal in that den!

I could not stay there.

I am glad Ari was revived, even if she and Sytan were hermits. He protected her, and too well. I understand it was very bad, at times.
Sometimes, we have to know that we are not ready yet, even if someone else knows. I don’t think he wanted to accept that pill. But so far it has worked out well.

The Vigiles is formed, and I have a House to serve. We are small, and our ranks grown and shrink, but this is well, too. We often go to taverns and meet interesting people. I have a lover among the Knights, now, though an evening with her leaves me aching for more. She enjoys my attentions to her, but has yet to reciprocate. I cannot tell if she will be a good relationship to maintain.

However, I have also met the Huntmaster. He makes me a little giddy, and I like the way he responds to me. He can be abrupt at times, but he can be encouraged. It makes for a very good experience. I still feel giddy leaving him - I hope Ari does not think less of me for it.

I have also met Chryso - And that is the current news, Marconis.
It was a meeting of happenstance - a cute Fier girl with more bravery than sense turned out to be the daughter of an old, old lover of mine, from a youth that I spent in a different world than this. I will miss her... and while I knew she was older than me, I still will think Marconis is to blame.

He seems to have brainwashed poor Chryso, and she dotes on him far too much. I do not like where this might lead, but at the very least Chryso does not seem to be violated in body - her mind, while harder to mend for the thing, is to be the real challenge. It brings up very old memories that I wanted to stay buried.
At least with my tormentor, he is silenced and done with. Chryso? We shall see.

Sytan is working with her. I understand he knew the girl’s mother as well.
I do not know more, but I think it might motivate him more. It will not be easy for Ari - the girl wants to know the Mysteries of her religion - as if sex were a mystery! - but she has no concept of any sort of affection or desire. She is as a child in a woman’s body. She does not know what she asks.

I am sure that conversation will come up between Ari and Sytan at some point. It will not go very well, I think. Not that I expect yelling or fighting, but I am not so certain Ari wants to share him in any way, and she is so - naive. Maybe I am just a minx, as Ari says, but maybe they should talk it over during a sensual massage or tryst. It is how I would do it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Roster: Ariahdnia Z'Ress

~ Vigiles Amicae Service Record ~
~ Available to all sworn Amicae ~

Name: Ariahdnia
Status: Active
Rank, specialty, auxiliary: Praetor, Battlemage Wizard, Tailor
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Race: Ekete'uannon - teir'dal / dark-elf
Birthplace: unknown
Residence/Citizenship: Gorowyn

Description and/or portrait:
In defiance of mage conventions, often seen wearing articulated plate constructed of laminated, enameled silk and rabbitskin.

Praetor and Battlemage by ~j-giraud on deviantART

Elemental magic, strong Fire affinity. Advanced cavalry training, logistics an battlefield strategy. Sage specializing in high arcana
Elemental magic, lesser Water, Air affinity. Racial affinity for obfuscation magics. Proficient at small arms and unarmed defensive combat.
Elemental magic, aversion to Earth, ferrous Metals, hematurgy. Heavy armor or weaponry.

Service Record & Events of Note:
Previous known Aliases: Praetor Ariahdnia z'Equidaii Chath L'hiya Trinae Amicae, Captain-Commander Ariadhnia Xipholos, Captain Ariahdnia Xehtyanos
Former leader and commander of the legendary mercenary army Trinae Amicae, which last major engagement was fought in the halls of Zek, in the employ of all three major cities against the Deathfist Imperator, some hundred years ago. Although the might of the empire was crippled, the ruling house and senate slain, the Deathfist remain, and the Trinae slowly faded from public notice.
Currently registered with Primary of Gorowyn as Praetor of the Vigiles Amicae.

- Hero of Karan
- Hero of D'Lere
- Eidolon of the Shattered Lands
- Master of Mara
- Love's Champion
- Love's Rescuer
- Champion of Ro
- Champion of D'Lere
- Hero of Karan
- Eidolan of the Shattered Lands
- Hero of Maj'Dul
- Thrael'Gorr Champion
- Primary of the Academy of Logistics
- Paragon of Truth
- Vanguard of the Blade
- Vindicator of the Coin

Notable Victories:
Ward of Elements
Shard of Hate
Veeshan's Peak

Notable kills:
Clockwork Dragon
Godking Anuk
Mayong Mistmoore

Ariahdnia, bio

Full Name: Ariahdnia z'Equidaii Chath, Z'Ress Do'Trinae, Praetor of the Vigiles Amicae.
Nicknames: Praetor. Ari. Ariah. The glass cannon.


Once, we were all refugees.
Whatever tyranny or danger we had faced, we had survived to see another mark, another day-cycle, another season, another year. We swore vengeance, we swore memory, we swore our hearts and hands to survive and to fight.
We, who have survived, we See you.
We know your path and your challenge, even if we do not yet know you, for we have been on that trail, alone. We have known that trudging back from the battle, wondering what will be at the end of that road, and questioning the virtue of every tortured step.

We say to you: the time is done for walking alone.

You have sought a haven, a refuge, a place of rest and healing.
We welcome you among us: stand behind our shields, and we will raise our hands together to defend you.
You have sought a cause that has meaning, that has value beyond mere gold and mortality.
We welcome you among us: stand beside us and together let us raise our hands to protect those who need it, and bring judgment or release to those who need that.
You have sought a shield-mate, an ally to stand beside you, to help you on your path.
We welcome you among us: stand before us, and swear your hand to ours, and receive ours in return.
You have sought a lesson, a tool, armor, arms, or aid.
We welcome you among us: stand with us, and our strength and wisdom together shall be greater than the sum of all we had alone.

Remember that the amicae were formed first from those who survived, and who would remain free. They bound themselves to one another in freedom, and they watched and guarded each other at need,for the good of all.
From the bones and ash of the long wars, we remain. In the days after the citadel fell, many were lost. Some remained in the City, amid the chaos, others left to prepare a place of greater safety, for Xiphos, too had been lost. In the stuggles of the barons, the alliance pushed back, guarding their liberties fiercely. When the Overlord returned, it was first thought that the excesses would be curbed, and the liberty of citizens restored to what it had been, and perhaps more. Though the City had always owned flaws, the Citizens had their rights, and at least in that City, there was truth. It is not evil to recognize that the Truth is not always lovely, whatever some partisans have always said.
The hopes of many were in vain: the third brigade has greater reach to police orthodox thought as well as action, and cull those who look or think or speak in any way which diverges from the mold. It was no longer enough to guard only each other, and remain away from the walls: those who did not care for the changes were no longer free even to leave.
And so, and so. We who knew the City deeply... carried word of the secret ways, and hope of liberty. Some chose that path, some did not: the road of freedom is not an easy one, and can only be walked by those who have chosen it for themselves. Those who left, some of them sought Haven.
And so, and so. The Amicae grew.

The codes are older than the Vigiles, handed down over centuries. The spear and shield of the Vigiles, the walls and wards which guard us are the prizes of many victories, given freely for the good of all Amicae. War has changed, as the land has been changed. The old Gates and rings of stone have been rebuilt, and the art of bending time to the will or mortals has been brought into the Pattern. The very warp of the world is meddled with. The flow of magic is changed: much is taken, and little returned. The weavings of the powerful shake the pattern of every mortal soul and society.
Those who remember, and those who learn know that it was not only the war of the gods which broke the moon, and threw the seas into turmoil.

And so, and so. It becomes ever more rare to find a place of haven, or of liberty. Yet even our own refuge is not held for the wishing of it, but by the strong arm of those Amicae who are also Vigiles. Yet without the other Amicae, there would be no purpose nor support for that arm.

We are become many, and the word of our existence spreads. The shadows which have cloaked our shield and our purpose begin to fall away: it is good.

Vai Z'ress.