The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ariahdnia, bio

Full Name: Ariahdnia z'Equidaii Chath, Z'Ress Do'Trinae, Praetor of the Vigiles Amicae.
Nicknames: Praetor. Ari. Ariah. The glass cannon.


Level: 80
Class: Wizard, specializing in Fire, direct damage, and battlemagery.
Tradeskill: Tailor (retrained: previously a Provisioner.)
RP Power: Highly skilled
Race: Teir'Dal  Gender: Female
Date of Birth/Age: Unknown.
Hair: Black
Skin: dark, violet tint.
Eyes: Black
Height: 5'9"
Weight:170 pounds
Place of Residence: MajDul
Place of Birth: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown. Possible blood relation to an autumnal Faeling known as Rykari.
Enemies: Nilok Val'Kavek. Marconis Finn. The third brigade. Anyone who threatens the Amicae. Malkonis D'Morte. Marshal Cristof.
Allies: All Amicae. Damalas and the Thieves' Quarter. Kalmaraa D'Zin.
Occupation: Leader and protector of the Vigiles Amicae. Battlemage and weaver of enchanted cloth. Archivist and cartogropher. Limner and portraitist.
Crafting: 82
Taller than most dark elves, with broader bone structure than is fashionable: dark of hair and complexion in a manner generally considered to indicate common birth. Heavy muscle development in the thighs consistent with cavalry officer; asymmetrical upper body development favoring the right. Wears her hair pulled back in a tight chignon, with a fringe over the brow of what is perpetually too short to be tied up. Wears the burned mark of the Academy on her left shoulder, but the enchantment does not seem active. Has thick scar running slightly left of sternum from clavicle to midsection, generally covered by clothing and/or cosmetics. Minor scars and lacerations on hands and forearms, generally a mixture of faint, healing ones and fresh ones. Avoids illusion charms except that of blood heritage shadow cloak.
Fashion of Choice:
Tailored, military-style trousers, shirts and jackets, worn with a trophy cloak of embroidered silk. Occasionally seen in Halas wearing tailored and draped silk dresses or in Maj'dul wearing loose linen ones. More often seen in variations on military garb rendered in luxe fabrics.
Armor of Choice:
Enameled and lacquered enchanted silk, or more recently, enchanted magmatic enameled silk plate.
Weapons of Choice:
Reedblade and Fire. Lots and lots of fire.
Special Abilities:
Reflexive casting with fire, has developed skill of pulling heat from a target to super-cool it.


Alignment: Lawful neutral

Motivations: Honor, duty, survival, liberty, loyalty, the good of the Amicae, reassembling historical record, stability, minimizing the threat of the gods and chaos-born to mortal settlements.
Disposition:  Dry
Outlook:  Cynical, deliberate, calculating.
Sympathetic to the Tribunal, uneasy alliance with the Order of Flame but disavows actual religious affiliation.
Sexuality: Bisexual. 
Positive Personality Traits:
Determined, strategist
Negative Personality Traits:
Determined, stubborn, deliberate, temper.
Misc. Quirks:
Irregular manner of referring to past events. Carries a rune-guarded and ciphered tome almost always, which enchantment is both fire-based and divine-based, though she cannot channel any divine magic. Has a habit of rubbing at the old scar when in deep thought. When tired or injured, reveals a limp favoring the left side. Cognitive irregularities when recovering from substantial injury in the field. Occasionally tells mythic stories from an archaic and obscure tradition when provoked.


Guild: Vigiles Amicae
Guild Rank: Praetor
Citizens of Maj'Dul, Court of Truth, Watchers of Timorous, Agents of Neriak, Academy of Arcane Science, Dismal Rage, Freeport Militia. Academy of Logistics, Far Seas Company. Village of Mara, Whistling Fist.


Savory food, kaffiyeh, bread, honeyed whiskys and jagermeister. Sparring, riding, planning battles. Researching Nerian and Thexian history and political intrigue. Intrigue in general. Recently interested in lore of the Banished Goddess and the Necropoli under the desert of Ro. Studying people. Rendering likenesses of people and places. Evenings out at the Maiden's Fancy. Stimulating conversation. Victory. Pleasant company in the privacy of the Champion's quarters. 
Mindless or obsessive/geased undead. Slavemasters and skin-traders, coercion, lies drama. Racism, righteousness and crusades. Fish. 
Favorite Foods:
Chocolate. Bread. Prickly-pear fruit. Sauteed mushrooms.
Favorite Drinks:
Kaffiyeh, the stronger the better. Jagermeister. Spiced rum and cordials which aren't too sweet. Juice from prickly-pear fruit.
Crimson, black, deep orange, gold.
Painting, reading.


Played by What Famous Person:
Lynn Collins

Theme Songs:
Power Symphony: The Way of The Sword. 

Listed in the tax rolls of Freeport as a recruit bound to Academy service, on the Outislands claimed by Freeport shortly after the establishment of the Refuge outpost (500 years after the Shattering, shortly after that part of the ocean was becoming passable again. Due to SOE reboots of chronology, none of this matches ingame clocks anymore. Sorry.*) 
2501: Registered as a full citizen of Freeport, resident of Longshadow Alley, and student of the Arcanist Solonius of the Arcane Academy. 
2513: Registered as a Journeyman Wizard, and transferred under the jurisdiction of Elementalist Kirstee. Arcanist Solonius' death beyond all restoration led to investigation, charges eventually filed against Kirstee. Record of Journeymen reassignments suggest testing for Master grade.
2520: Listed as a cadet of the Sisterhood, under the guidance of one Lady V--
2525: Sisterhood purchased major interest in Adept's bond, assumed responsibility for further training.
2550: Sisterhood charter found in violation of City Code, placed under surveillance and reorganization agents. Remainder of file classified.
2551: Listed as elemental Adept affected by Academy reorganization and political cleansing measures. Graded as Fire magus and recorded as geased against the use of Earth and Entropy accordingly.
2552: Registered with mercenary's guild liason as bonded to the free company Trinity as Knight-magus.
2575: Tested with Academy and recorded as High Adept of forty merits. Record indicates rank of Commandant awarded within Company.
2600: Partially de-classified file, suggests succession of founding Praetor by a trimvirate of Commandants, unnamed.
2700: Reported as field commander of Trinity in the first major campaign to reclaim the docks at the  Jaggedpine from the Deathfyst Empire.
2800: Reported as field commander of Trinity in joint expedition of City and mercenary forces to re-open contact with the Ferrott tribes.
2900: Reported as field commander of Trinity in exploration campaign into the newly opened Frostfang seas.
3000: Reported as field commander of Trinity, and liason to the Sootfoot clan of goblinoids in the burning lands.
3010: Tested with Academy Archon for grade of Grand Adept of fifty merits.
3050: Reported as field commander of Trinity in third expedition to establish diplomatic relations with the city of MajDul.
3200: First of combine spires rebuilt and attuned, reported as contact point for deployed expeditionary force to Sky.
3250: Recorded as field commander of major campaign to unseat the reigning Deathfyst imperator and destabilize occupying orcish forces.
3300: Official residence change request filed, transference of assets to stewardship by the Court of Truth in Maj'Dul. Freeport record associated with Z'equidaii Chath ends here. Maj'Dul record highly classified, eyes-only for sultanate. 
4000: Trinity under command of Ariahdnia Z'Ress, Paragon of the Court of Truth, contracted with Freeport and Qeynos for campaign to unseat reigning Deathfyst imperator.
4100: Trinity units under command of Z'Ress deployed to destabilize relations between hooluk and droag in Sky realms.
4150: Trinity units under command of Z'Ress deployed to jungles of Ferrott to investigate rumors of gathering strength among the Cazic adherants.
4200: Trinity units under command of Z'Ress deployed to burning lands to investigate the reappearance of one Najeena, said to be an exile from Neriak before its fall in 2100.
4250: Trinity units deployed permanently to guard established outposts near docks of all known settled territories.
4500: Trinity reported as instigators behind Shapeshifted wolfpack creating carnage across Thundering Steppes, Captain-Commander Z'Ress paid damages to residents of Thundermist village but refused to acknowledge the herald of the Overlord and was accordingly issued citation for treason. Captain-Commander Z'Ress disavowed citizenship in Freeport, despite teir'ish aspect, and lack of Qeynos token.
4550: Report of village sighted under heavy obfuscation wards in the Steppes mountain range. Scout party sent to investigate slain and reanimated as revenants in defense of village. Captain-Commander Z'Ress refused commission to eliminate village. Suspect of fomenting treason in Freeport, description registered with third brigade as person of interest.
4600: Trinity under command of Z'Ress deployed in full force to crush reigning Deathfyst imperator, heirs, and senate, under strict orders to achieve complete victory before the celestial conjunction. Suspicion that recent tremors across settled lands heralds awakening of gods: Deathfyst dynasty must be eliminated before they can make successful contact with Zek.
4610: Surface orc clans loyal to Deathfyst eliminated, citadel remains under seige. Additional Companies commissioned to tighten blockade and assault. Captain-Commander Z'ress submits report to Duke Z-- of Freeport of sightings of blue-skinned, agile orcs seen running the blockade to the pale Deathfyst clan, suspicions of outbreeding.
4620: Corpse and weapons of Imperator Deathfyst sent in pieces to both Queen Antonia and Overlord D'Lere. Campaign recorded as success, orders issued for installation of puppet ruler to divert energies of orcish clans away from religion. Substantial casualties, Trinity under command of Z'Ress applies for reclassification of Company as confederation of specialists for hire singly and in small units from previous standing as full legion for hire and by maniple.
4800: Recontact established with Faydwer. Commission sent to Captain-Commander Z'Ress for cohort of Trinity to establish diplomatic relations in the name of the Overlord. Commission unanswered, Trinity placed on inactive roster.
5000: Citadel collapse, conflict throughout Freeport on brink of civil war. Many records lost or destroyed.
5010: Overlord returns in triumph over Zek. Third brigade budget expanded for reeducation efforts and citizen retention.
5011: Ariahdnia Do'Trinae registers mercenary and trading company Vigiles Amicae with the Primary of Gorowyn, recorded as Praetor. Second in command registered as one Sytan Fiac, teir'dal. Official evaluation of Company as primarily trading House, likely traditional teir' out of favor with Cristanos or other political elite. Official sanction granted to establish limited operations in the residential aerie.
5021: Secondary contact registered as Court of Truth, Maj'Dul. Sanction granted per good record of Amicae to expand operations into official trade quarters of City and attune a private Gate not connected to City nodes.
5032: Investigation of Amicae for suspicion of harboring dangerous fugitives from Freeport. Investigation closed, contents of case file classified.


To be continued.

- - -  

*As of game launch, the city of Freeport counted time from its founding, 2500 years ago. The age of Norrath was said to be immeasurably older than that at the time. At one point in her history the year was 4950, now the year is 37something. Whatever.

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