The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Vigiles Amicae Mail Room

Welcome to the mail room!
The entry room, with tables for socializing and writing letters

Here, we have built accommodations for all our lovely silver account members - and everyone else too! We think you should be able to leave notes for your friends (and even your enemies!), so we have built this room.

To access this mailroom:

In the Residential district of Gorowyn in Timorous Deep, head to the Lower Tenements and visit "Vigile".

If you are already in the Guild hall, you may use the Housing portal at  the back of the Crafting room to travel directly to the mailroom, by selecting Vigile, and the Lower Tenement house.**

The post box room:
all boxes are to the RIGHT of the green book
with the recipient's name as its title.
Remember to check your own box while you're here!

There is one cubby for each of the Amicae - and when we grow, the mail room will grow too!

If you don't have a cubby yet: it is either because you are still an aspirant, or the High Council has been busy: so please! Let us know so we can get you set up properly!

A pile of parcels to be delivered, and our MailZombie.
Neither rain nor sleet nor death nor night...
We have built this mail room in an effort to meet the needs of our stories in spite of the SOE limitations on the use and capacity of mailboxes. Once you have passed your aspirant trials, you will be added as a trustee on the mail room, so that you can pick up, add to, and move around the letters in the mail room

All parcels are subject to weighing in.
If you have a parcel to deliver, please make arrangements
with the High Council for proper postage
If you have any suggested improvements for the mail room, or if you have accidentally moved more than you meant to (it happens to the best of us!), please contact a member of the High Council.

You may receive orders and communications from your officers, as well as letters from your comrades and friends, so check back often!

Please use the Rawhide Leather notebooks for your letters: the Etched Leather notebooks (the green ones!) are for mail cubby labels!

If the mail room is in need of more notebooks, or you need trustee access to this room:
Contact your High Council!

Praetor Ariahdnia
Legate Pax Sytan
Legate Bellum Fafnier

To write a letter :

Grab one of the Rawhide Leather Notebooks from the table, and put it in your inventory.

Title the book with the recipient of the letter, and the sender's name.

Fill the interior pages with your letter, and any IC descriptions of the letter's appearance.

Find the Recipient's cubby in the second room of the mail room, and add your letter to their pile!


If you have written letters to this person before, you can add your note to the book you left before, until it's full.

** The Timorous Heights house is a different part of our hall extension, and a subject for another post!

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