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Saturday, March 1, 2014

A plain, red-spined book - Apocryphal Journals: Folodu Amrunrosse

Archivist's note:

It is clear from contemporary records that Amrunrosse was fastidious about keeping her journals on her person or otherwise well secured, yet in the recent reorganization of the archive we have found loose signatures tucked among unrelated treatises on the applied arts of entropy as relates to the keeping of vegetable gardens in various climates.

Each is no more than eight pages of vellum, stitched with waxed linen thread and apparently in good condition, aside from having been at some point separated from the rest of its volume. The handwriting appears to be consistent from one entry to the next, though there are huge swaths of the work still missing.

What remains has been bound together in a probable chronology, and wrapper leaves were added around each original signature to hold such notation as is possible. The entries are undated in the original hand, but as many of the incidents are cross-referenced in the public archives, so a loose chronology may be posited.

This entry is unusually brief for the bardic-trained Amrunrosse, especially in light of her extensive, longwinded reports during the Velian Exile. The doubts seeded during the era of her usurption have long been considered to have flourished in the solitude of her exile. The tone of her entries immediately following her recall to a more closely supervised position in Maj'Dul would seem to confirm this.

It has been a hand of days since I have been given my new home. Already I have been called to Odus for opening relations with the Hua Mein, and have met the newly assigned Chief Medic.

On that note, I am to expect more of the same - I am to submit to the hands of the medical corps so that all my bodily secrets join all if my intrigues in the light of day.

My daughter has again run off, and taken a new 'pet' despite having her current tutor with her. She has befriended a sucker again, and this one unknown.

No one wanted to say she was missing at all - it is only due to a country bumpkin that I know at all.

The maps I have long tended may soon be obsolete. I desire to know how to use and create in this new and magical format, as the ones by my hand are not quite up to use in the field unless you are an army, and yet.

I feel so extraneous.

What is left of my life? I have nearly no connection at all anymore.

Ari is working so hard to integrate me back, which is why I am in Odus. I just cannot see past my pain right now.

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