The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

From the tenth volume of The Lives: Multum Mendacis

Archivist's note:

The transcript of this speech, according to contemporary records, would suggest that it was acquired at great personal cost. The Vigiles roster in this period was frequently being adjusted, and although some of these changes were for additions, many more of them were to record the Fallen. The sagittari divisions were the hardest hit, losing several officers and specialists over only a few months.

The original ciphered message is lost, but we can be reasonably certain that this is a faithful translation. It was found among other classified papers relating to the same subject, and the uneven hand, and irregular line breaks suggest that the copy we have was written as the cipher was untangled, and never recopied. For these volumes, of course, spelling has been standardized throughout, and line breaks introduced both for readability and a humble attempt to convey the delivery.

The student unfamiliar with the character of the Archbishop would do well to remember that all contemporary sources available to us agree on the great personal charisma he brought to bear in every situation. We must accept that whatever the objective qualities of his words may have been, he was able to bring such earnestness and charm to bear that for many years, even the Vigiles council was divided on the question of how - and even, whether - to deal with him at all.

Fragmentary comments on the original translation suggest this speech was given at the Cairn of the Huntress, somewhere in the month of Warmstill, in the Year of Xegony, in the first quatrain of the Age of Veeshan. It is of particular interest that although the speech is directed at an inner circle among the cultists, it seemed to have been an intensely public display, and part of an extravagant festival thrown for the purpose, rather than one of the private shrines. This may have formed part of the cause for the White Raven leadership to align with the Erollisians in their denunciation of the Declaration of Truth.

My people, I welcome you to this most special of engagements.

I have a hard thing to speak of today that has weighed heavily on my heart.

Recently, our worship of Erollisi's hand in our lives has been attacked and slandered. I cannot believe that there are eyes to read that have not seen this denouncement, and so I will not trouble our ears with the repetition.

This Defamation - pardon, a slip - Declaration of Truth broadsheet seems to have been given freely to all known cities. This public slander is signed by one I had hoped might become one of our Sisters - the Lady Amrunrosse has instead drawn a line in the proverbial sand.

Her actions have brought unnecessary scrutiny and obstruction to our mission of Love, and yet I cannot help but feel this is her ultimate cry for help - that the recent exile and discovery of her beloved being deceased - has pushed her into a most frightening and vulnerable place.

My children, even still, despite my prayers to Our Lady, she is held in thrall by this Vigiles Amicae, who must be guiding her ever further to despair. Even with this difficult time on us, we would be remiss in our duty to Love to not stretch our arms and call this Sister back to us.

Act and think not with malice, as it can only serve to drive the wedge further. If you might try to approach her, think not of us, who Love her, for the stress might be too great.

Instead, think and be with the mission we have embraced - go forth in Love, perfect and eternal.

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