The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Classified report, from the Ephemera of the Praetor

Archivist's Note:
The Praetor has been characterized in uncharitable accounts as hoarding paper as dragons hoard gold, but any historian will affirm that it would be easier to draft a coherent chronicle if in fact, that were true. The Ephemera collection attempts to assemble some semblance of chronological order to the wild and fragmented array of letters that have come down to us.
These letters are offered here, in translation if necessary, and bound in one set of volumes for the convenience of the student of history, and in respect for the fragility of many of the originals. Scholars with proper clearance from the High Council may apply to view up to 200 items from the originals: only twenty such requests will be considered in any Quatrain, irrespective of the date attributed to the items requested. Any excess applications on grounds of suspicion of censorship will result in an automatic and binding hold on the scholar's access credentials for one full year.

The report included below would normally be filed among the military records of the Vigiles, except that this was never stored with the classified military records. It is possible that it was misplaced on receipt, but as the events in question are long past and the High Council has determined that the following was of minimal interest to the Vigiles wing, it has been accessioned along with the personal effects where it was found.

From: Equites Amrunrosse
To: the desk of the Praetor


Legate Fafnier has requested I investigate Chief Medic Pejic for connections with Marconis.

He has been informed that no such thing shall happen without clearance from the Praetor's office.

His last remark on the subject was "do what you must".

If interpreted one way, it is easy to associate your consent with doing what I must. Were this a few years ago, I would interpret it as "do it anyways", with "for the safety of the House" as an addendum.

I do not like the idea of beginning any espionage regarding any of the Amicae given how my own paranoia and logical leaps went a decade ago.

Either way, if you will it, it shall be done.

Equites F. Amrunrosse

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