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Monday, March 10, 2014

Friday Wargames: Icy Keep Retribution

On Friday, March 21st at 7pm CST we will be mustering on the docks of Erollis in the Frostfang sea, to hunt the dragon Vrewwx!

This will be a long raid, and may need to continue over the weekend. Please be ready for a long haul, with food and drink at the ready, and possibly some repair kits as well. Please review the battle plans before muster!

In order to participate in this event, you will need:
- More than 81 seasons (yes, it is a strange cut-off point)
- Not have an active lockout for Icy Keep: Retribution
- Note: If you have been in the Icy Keep in the last 9 days, you WILL have a
- Hail Keden McFurkins by the griffon and Snarf Frostfoot next to the Icy Keep access crystal.
- Note: If you CANNOT get the quests from these NPCs, you WILL still be able to go into the zone, but you will NOT be able to use the mender's anvil inside.

We have attempted this raid twice already, on Friday March 7th and Friday February 28th. One evening of hunting seems to be only enough to get us as far as Corrival.

Names in order of appearance:

Hoarfrost Pyreflyte - 92^^^x4
Adds spawn ONLY if you're next to the eggs they hatch from. Being in the water seems to counter their normal radius as well as the wingbeat style rear knockback that the name has.

Frozen Statue of the Ice Maiden - 93^^x4
Do not attack the Maiden. Kill the Frozen Blades. When an add dies, two more will pop in the center of the room to take its place. In order to kill the name you must kill the adds: each add you kill removes health from the name.

By the end of the fight you will have many, many adds, so you need a tank who can take the damage and healers who can heal through it. It is possible to mez some of the adds. Focus on one add at a time for best results. AoE strategy will bring you swarms too quickly to keep up.

Lieutenant Grauf Thundersmash - 94^^^x3
Captain H'bri - 94^^^x3
Captain H'bri is linked with Lieutenant Grauf Thundersmash. These mobs MUST be tanked in separate rooms or they will gain multiple damage shields and will be impossible to kill.

When you enter the room, head to the right and take the portal to a different room. Clear all the golems. Once the golems are dead, split the raid as you see fit to have some in the golem room and some in the Captain's room. When you pull the Captain she will emote and tell the Lieutenant to check the golem room for invaders and the Lieutenant will respawn in that room. Once you engage, you will no longer be able to use the portal until the Lieutenant is dead, so make sure everybody is in position and ready to go.

Kill the Lieutenant. Once he is dead, use the portal to return to the Captain's room and kill her.

The Frozen Corrival (Icy Keep: Retribution) - 95^^^x4
Pull Corrival so that the main raid force has their backs to a wall to prevent being scattered when the mob does his AOE knock back. Shortly after starting the fight, a level 95 Epic x 2 double of a random raid member will spawn and immediately attack them. Have a secondary tank and a healer pull this mob out of the raid force and off to a side. Do not kill this mob, just hold it until Corrival is defeated.

At 75%, 50%, and 25% Corrival will root himself in place and spawn 4 other mobs. The main tank should pull these mobs back just far enough to be out of the melee range of Corrival. The main tank then should target one of the Dark Hearted Corrivals to kill. Do not touch the Light Hearted Corrival.

At 75% only one will have the buff.
At 50% two will have the buff.
At 25% three will have the buff.
If you kill the Light Hearted, Corrival will reset to 100% life and the round starts over.

Tamer Nicoli (Epic) - 95^^^x4
After fighting the Corrival successfully, we go down a hallway full of yetis. When we reach the crossing hallway, we turn downhill (or left) and clear our way to Tamer Nicoli. He has the ability to throw targeting, but otherwise is a straightforward, if long, fight.

Debitino Coperilus - 95^^^x4
Uphill from the intersection are more yetis, and then wolves, with this guy. He will summon very brief pets sometimes, but these are weak.
The important factor is that he will create a spectral defender. Kill that fragment of him first: the main monster will take no damage as long as the spectral version is alive.

- - -

Edited on Saturday March 22 to Add:

Odaufe and Kastus - 96^^^x4
We were surprised to find this pair up the ramp from Debitino. We were unable to defeat him as of this update, but we noticed several things.

- Keeping the brothers separate allowed us to damage them - but they both have a wicked manasteal and they heal themselves.

- Allowing them to fuse makes the snow in the corners of the room clickable. Clicking the snow allows you to gather 5 snowballs. The snowballs interrupt the combined Odaufe&Kastus, and eventually cause him to divide again. As long as he is united, you can do no damage.

- There is an icy axe on the seat of Kastus' throne. It has not yet been clickable, but it may become so.

- - -

We have not yet seen:

Frozen Statue of the Snowbeast - 95^^^x4
Spawn the mob and pull it to your chosen spot, named Memwipes. When the mob reaches the point of death the first time it will fall down and spawn 2 "a fragment of a statue" mobs which you must have tanked apart from one another. If you let the fragments remain together too long the name will revive, drain the main tank and kill him. Burn down the 2 fragments and then the Statue will revive with 50% HP. Kill the name again, this time he will spawn 3 fragments which must all be tanked apart from one another, once all three of those die the name will revive a final time at 10% HP and you kill him and get your loot.

Vrewwx Icyheart - 98^^^ x4

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