The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Roster: Chevanima Amrunrosse

~ Vigiles Amicae Service Record ~
~ Available to all sworn Amicae ~

Name: Chevanima Amrunrosse
Status: Active
Rank, specialty, auxiliary: Civites, berserk-fighter, woodworker and tinkerer
Gender: Female
Age: 75 - in truth a very young elf.
Race: Ayr'dal - mixed teir' and koada' heritage
Birthplace: Freeport
Residence/Citizenship: Gorowyn, Freeport, and Maj'Dul

Description and/or portrait:
A slender, and very youthful elf of uncertain heritage, shorter than average.
Her skin is too smooth and her movements too cat-like to be part human. Her skin is an ashy middle tone, neither light nor dark. Her long ears would suggest teir'ish heritage, but the tone of her hair is more gold than white.
One eye is gray, the other, blue.
Frequently wears green. When in armor, it tends to be battered, poorly fitted, and stained with grease, glitter, paint, or glue rather than blood.

Tinkering. Woodcarving. Evading sentries. Baton fighting.

Pickpocketing. Unarmed combat. Edged weapon and shield. Blunt weapon and shield.

Easily distracted. Can frequently be bribed with jam or other sweets. Curious well beyond the limits of even human etiquette.

Service Record & Events of Note:
Although the younger Amrunrosse has no official military capacity, Vigiles records indicate her tutors have largely been drawn from its ranks. She has studied with every blade specialist in the ranks, with or without official sanction, and the list of search and recovery missions which have been deployed in connection with her are by this point too numerous to count.
Records indicate that the frequent refectory and crafthall fires through the Age of the New Combine, the Age of the Dead, and well into the Age of Dragons are attributed to her continuing studies in gnomeric mechamagical tinkering.
Shortly after the elder Amrunrosse was placed in supervised exile in Velious, Schuemakkar was detailed to oversee the martial education of the younger Amrunrosse, for which he draws an additional stipend of 25 gold ducats per season.
Late in the Age of the New Combine, the younger Amrunrosse was given an honorary commendation for her success in designing a stable, reproducible flight kajigger harness with a closed manabattery motor capable of 12 hours continuous flight. In the intervening years, further refinements have increased the range to 72 hours and the weight limit to nearly 22 stone.

Previous known Aliases: Cheva. Imp. That elf that just blew up my office. Littlest. 
Chevanima has lived among the Amicae for most of her life: her full acceptance and protection as Amicae was a condition of the elder Amrunrosse taking oath in the Age of Shadow.

- Knight of D'Lere
- The Deliverator
- The Explodinator
- Festive Spirit
- Ghost Hunter
- Candy Grabber
- Timorous Deep Detective
- Darklight Defender
- Hero of Halas

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