The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Roster: Folodu Amrunrosse

~ Vigiles Amicae Service Record ~
~ Available to all sworn Amicae ~

Name: Folodu Amrunrosse
Status: Active
Rank, specialty, auxiliary: Equites - counterintelligence division, Bard – Dirge, Woodworker
Gender: Female
Age: About 300 years, appears mid-thirties to human eyes.
Race: Koada’dal / high-elf
Birthplace: Qeynos
Residence/Citizenship: Officially Freeport, but currently stationed out of Maj'Dul

Description and/or portrait:
Fair skinned and blonde, appears lithe and toned. Usually has an amused smirk. Alternates between fine gowns and armor regardless of being in the field or in the city; always has a dagger visible, if not two. Keeps her hair in an efficient braid. She is four foot eleven and weighs 120 pounds, almost entirely lean muscle mass.

Bardic knowledge, soldiering, knives, small to medium swords, daggers, tracking, agility.

Bardic magic, offensive and defensive. Offensive and defensive small to medium arms, unarmed combat. Lightfingers. Wilderness survival. Mindshield.

No other magical aptitudes. Does not take being indoors over a length of time well. Heavy armor or weaponry.

Service Record & Events of Note:
Amrunrosse swore full oath late in the Age of Shadow, and swiftly advanced through the ranks to the post of Vigiles Captain, which position she held until well into the Age of the New Combine. In the aftermath of the Cel'Voda and D'Vinnian campaigns for the Recovery of the Legate, she intervened in an altercation between the Praetor and Vigiles Captain Valacor Valinos.
In the course of that confrontation, she had the Praetor declared medically unfit for duty, and claimed the position of Acting-Praetor herself.
Among her first actions in power:
     - directed the restraint of the Praetor
     - Ordered the court-martial of Valinos, and the automatic verdict of high treason, punishable by execution, in the event that he should escape before trial
     - Stripped Chief Medical Officer Yorrik Thrayson of his rank
     - declared the medical corps fully under the authority of the Praetorship, without recourse to the Council
     - deployed a full cohort to the D'Vinnian territory with orders to slay all hostile units
     - ordered the Legate Bellum to permanently neutralize the former Praetor as soon as the Legate Pax or the remains thereof were located
Amrunrosse brief tenure as Acting Praetor was rife with conflict, although ultimately she did lead a successful raid to recover the remains of the Legate Pax. Near the end of her reign, she issued a warrant for her own arrest for treason, which was submitted to the Acting Legate Pax in such a manner that it could not be unmade.
She was arraigned first on assault on a Vigiles officer, for striking Equites Kanaemar without just cause, and the final list of charges when she was brought before the High Council were rumored to fill five pages, although those records have been since classified.
Amrunrosse was assigned to serve out her Exile in Velious in perpetuity, and this sentence remained in effect  well into the Age of Dragons, when the Praetor applied to the Council to modify the terms of the exile to permit her transfer to Maj'Dul and limited privileges of Equites rank.

Previous known Aliases: Folodu, Flo, Fol, General Folodu Amrunrosse, Exile, Bright One.
Former soldier and general of the Argentium Circuli, known for speed, agility, wilderness survival, and a chaotic civilian life. Well trained in group or solo missions, she is a career woman who enjoys causing others embarrassment and training new soldiers. Honorable separation from Argentium Circuli: head of Argentium Circuili was declared oath-breaker in the season preceding the fall of the Overlord’s Citadel. Intervening years spent incognito.

- Velious Victor
- Champion of Ro
- Lady of Freeport

Notable kills:
- Overking
- Imzok
- Tairiza
- Byzolabane
- Leviathan
- Trakanon
- Tserrina
- Aiden
- Wuoshi
- Mayong Mistmoore
- Clockwork Menace
- Viluciadae
- Bonesnapper
- Talendore
- Gorenaire
- Lord Vyemm
- Pantrilla
- Godking Anuk
- Lathena
- The Black Queen
- King Zalak
- Archlich Udalan
- K'Dal the Deciever
- Overlord Oxulius
- Darathar

Notable victories:
- Ward of Elements
- Shard of Hate
- Temple of Kor'Sha
- Veeshan's Peak

[edited to add: Orginally posted December 2011. Last Update: February 2014.]

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