The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Archivists' note:
This bill of lading is a somewhat rare survival from this period, as the City of Freeport was then under siege by dragons, and little trade went in or out therefore. Record shows that the weather around the Horn of D'lere was unpredictable in that season, and the surviving bill shows every evidence of foul weather.
Interestingly, the bill of receipt shows no corresponding notice of damage or loss, the Windriders receiving full freight. A copy of the completed receipt was noted as sent by post to Vlosllye, with no mention there of loss or damage, but all merchandise accounted for in good condition.


in apparent good order and condition, by

___L'rs. V. lihiya'Vallon_____________________

on board of the
___~Windrider Free Trade Company~_________

or any of the Company's other Merchantmen, Sloops, or rigs, now laying in
___the Port of Thex________________________
and bound for

That Is To Say:

- 50(fifty) cases of Nerian Royal Select bloodwine, Vintage 3895
- 50(fifty) cases of Malted Hidden Vale barley stout, warded under a sign of claws
- 10(ten) cases, in 5(five) chambers, of Warded Vlosllye Private Reserve under full stasis
- 20(twenty) barrels of cured and smoked Darklight venison, warded 3922 by the hand of K'Lorn
- 10(ten) barrels of Ashland preserves, waxed and sealed by the hand of K'Naae
- 5(five) bales of cured early seagrass, wrapped with warded and waxed canvas bearing the sign of the Order of Nektulos
- 40(forty) barrels of ocean bloodberry packed in brine, warded with the sign of the Order of Nektulos
- 4(four) crates of Shadow Grove apples, preserved in honey, warded by K'Vizin

(Interior contents and quantities unknown) and being marked as above, to be carried upon said vessel (with leave to tow and assist vessels in distress; to sail with or without pilots; to tranship to any other of said Company's ships, and to touch at port or ports) unto the ~~Final Anchorage~~ at the port of
under the authority of the
___Gorwish Logistica_____________________.
(The restraints of various governments, acts of gods (major or minor), enemies of all trade, vermin, piracy, fire at sea or in port, lighterage in the bay disasters or danger of the seas, or of sail or steam navigation, of what nature or kind whatsoever, excepted); unto the Port of ___Timorous___, and there, in the apparent good order and condition, to be delivered at the vessel's tackles unto:

__Zer Vansidhe do'Xiphos_________________

or their assigns, freight for the same to be paid in

__~_~NCTS~ certified platinum marks ~__

Said freight considered to be as earned, lost or not lost; and on the happening of any of the above excepted contingencies, the said Company is to have the right forward the above-mentioned packages to the ports of destination of its own route, and shall receive extra compensation for such service, whether performed by their own vessels, of the said Company, or those of strangers, and in the case of salvage services rendered to aforesaid merchandise or treasure, during the voyage, by a vessel or vessels of said Company, such salvage services shall be paid as fully as if such salving vessel or vessels belonged to strangers.

It is expressly understood that the Company shall not be accountable for loss or damage from effects of decay, explosion of the cargo, or from the predation of dragons.

~~In witness whereof,~~

The Agent of said ship hath signed ___4____ bills of lading, all of this tenor and date, one whereof to be accomplished, the others to stand void.

Dated at
___Port Naythex___________________________
the ___13___ day of ___Greyeven____________ in the year of ___Xegony_______, in the 300th Quatrain of the Age of Veeshan

___Captain Jaine Clemitis Eilayassdottir____

**handwritten in an angular script at the foot of the page**

Deer Zers,

As on ore aboute the ides of Deepice, twas that Zhennu'quess was set upon by a greate storme, as t'were to be passing around the horne of D'Lere.

At firste, piracy was suspect, bute no Nerian raider did appeare. Still, the ship She was tossede about violentlie, and twasn't till we made faste at the olde smuggler's docks in the fair clear that the crew were at liberty to check over the holde, for the storm was mighty.

Moste wards of thy interest helde, but the holde was tossed aboute as if it had in fact been raided. Three cases of bloodwine and all of the Vlosylle were sadly crushed, but as they were not leaking, we made for Freeport, and took the liberties of securing further warding for the final leg.

Prithee not to be making too much matter of it, as the salvage was seeming faire. Still there are three of the firste and one of the seconde which do seeme to be done miss, or perhaps the sailors are terrible at packing.

Requesting further voyages 'round the horn to be furnished with blood-worked ward or leased eihldana to prevent future trouble and possible damage to our Zhennu'quess.

Remaining your obdt.svt &c,

Cap. Jaine Eilayassdottir

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