The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Penance records

Current penance issued:

- Pending:
Scutari Vauldr D'Saren to research and defeat lesser draconic chaos-born in Jarsath wastes for fleeing battle before completion.

- Pending:
Aspirant Kelonu for refusal to obey a direct order from a superior officer for removal to quarentine upon contraction of plague

- Pending:
Chief Battle Medic Mifaesh Kal'Daka for unapproved absence from duty.


- Former Vigiles Captain Folodu Amrunrosse assigned exile until further notice to Velious for insubordination, mutiny, and endangerment of the Amicae.
Recalled during the Year of Xegony, on probation.

- Complete:
Aspirant Malicce Stormharrow
- 70 gold to the Gorowyn Steward
- A full set of platemaile appropriate to the use of Civitas Chevanima Amrunrosse (( 32 mc gear, rares supplied by VA ))
Wards records from Summer Solstice:

- Akhutai Ssarathi, first warning
- Valacor Valinos, first warning
- Valacor Valinos, major strike
- Randie Krieger, first warning

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