The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Report: on Othmir and Gnoll tribes of Velious

Archivist's note:
In the wake of the council decision to recall the Exile, a number of sealed reports have been cleaned and released for the edification of all Amicae. Taken together, these documents provide a competent training module in preparation for assignment to the sector.

- - -

Eyes-Only: Vigiles Amicae council

The Othmir are a semi-aquatic mammalian species that seems to have close kinship with otters. They are playful, intelligent, and compassionate.

The first contact to be had with the Othmir occurred on the Maj'Dul docks after their god-turtle decided to take a trip. It is unknown why this may have been, though further contact reveals this god-turtle Logdrizal plays a key feature of their religion.

The second contact is typically with a sub-tribe after their god-turtle consents to carry you to Velious. This is notable because of the unknowable nature of the turtle and no one in recent history but the Othmir priests have had any direct contact with the turtle.

Upon arrival, you are greeted by the elder Nipik and several delegates of the sub-tribe. Nipik is the oldest Othmir of the known tribes and is their religious leader. It is through him that Logdrizal speaks.

Further travel reveals that the Othmir are in conflict with gnolls. Rather than wage war, the Othmir are purely defending their area. The defenders report that the gnolls are unorganized and mad - further research conducted at the behest of the Othmir reveal that the gnolls are starving and do not know how to care for themselves.

In an unmatched show of compassion, the Othmir teach the gnoll tribe how to make hunting equipment, traps, how to tend game, how to cook, and how to prepare pelts to trade to the Othmir for fish. The sub-tribe Othmir show a clear dedication to knowledge, love, and mutual benefit beyond their species for the better survival of all.

The Othmir were not content with this, and with the cooperation of the gnolls sought the original problem. The gnolls had been subject to a local vampire, and had little to work with when they began breaking free. With few resources, they were engaged by minions if the vampire for the dare to leave service.

The influence of the vampire is strong, as are their forces. It would be in the interest if the Othmir and gnolls and all freedom-seeking species to unseat the power.

Once establishing good relations and being welcomed to the sub-tribe, you learn of a second tribe of Othmir. Where the first is living on an iceberg, the second holds a beach. This group seems to be a cultural center to counterpoint the religious center on the ice.

Here, the Othmir are being actively attacked by an amphibious race called the Yha-Lei. The Othmir again are playing a defensive role, and do not know why they are being attacked. This is where it becomes important on why the wording of 'recent memory' is apparent.

The young Othmir only know that Othmir kept to Othmir and Yha-Lei kept to Yha-Lei. There is only one Othmir who can recall anything being different, and was a part of a delegation that tried to make peace between the tribes. When the talks failed, it was never mentioned to the rest of the Othmir.

The Othmir do not pass down their history. Knowledge and how to do things is transferred as with all cultures, though there seems to be an idea that each generation should have a fresh start at the world. This seems to permit peace with old enemies, as no grudges are kept, though for long-lived races such as elves, visits would need to be frequent to maintain friendships and alliances.

There is one incongruous fight that the Othmir engage in. The Kromzek giants that wage war on all is an open target to the Othmir, though they prefer to hamper foresting operations by stealing axes and destroying supplies rather than going after the giants and their subordinates directly. The giants seem to either not know about the Othmir or find them insignificant. This is incongruous from the Kromzek standard of perpetual war and domination of all they contact, indicating they do not know of the otter-like people or, more probably, are why the Yha-Lei are attacking.

Further study on the Yha-Lei has been impossible, though more is bound to turn up.

- Adjunct Equites Diplomat Folodu Amrunrosse

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