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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Noble Craftsman: or, How To Be A Great Cobbler

Transcribed by Folodu Amrunrosse

One must first take pride in their work, whatever it may be. Only from that can you be among the great artisans. You also need to be able to meet the needs and desires of your clients. You must use only the highest quality items in your work. You must use the finest detail you can manage. You must be discrete - never outright admit to working with someone. 

With pride comes a need for excellence. Own your skills to the extent they exist and don't you ever claim to know how to do a thing you do not. It hurts the relationship you have with your client and will not recommend you to them for future work. 

Each client is different. If you know how to make a good shoes but aren't so great at thigh-high boots, then see if the client is alright with something a little different. If not, own up that you aren't the best and try anyways. A good attempt goes a long way. 

If you are willing to skimp on the quality of your material, where else are you going to cut corners? You are making the last pair of shoes, so spend that little extra on good sand and binder. Let your client know they have only the best around their feet. 

Some people aren't picky and are willing to go with standard clogs. Never permit that. Even if you are being paid something ridiculous, make sure you take the time to smooth your surfaces. Even when you are making a mold for a particularly intricate boot, make sure you hand touch the last details. It's the small things that matter most here, so working around limitations will be your hardest challenge. Be willing to alter a casting for fractures and swells.

Remember, you want your client to know they have only the best on them. Be sure to remind them often on your skill. Even as they say hello to the fishes, they should be aware of the remarkable job you done for them. It makes them feel special for that brief, important moment.

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