The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Campaign: Ticking Clock - Dispatch

Archivist's note:

It my be interesting to the student of Amicae history, that despite the controversy surrounding the Usurption in the Combine Era, Amrunrosse was given command over the Vigiles military forces during one of Brangwyn's many torpors.

Records from what is referred to as the Ticking Clock campaign, in the Age of Veeshan, are remarkably complete, and nearly stand on their own merit as a testament of the motives and tactics in that period.

::: Urgent Dispatch :::



Follow-up repoort on suspect Veset dal' Glennil, alleged do'Velahr

Suspect sighted within last 42 hours, Jade Tiger tavern, North Freeport. Suspect seen in company with Hyrokon D'Arkoth - minor Nerian nobility and trading house, on alleged diplomatic mission. Personal guard was dismissed to unspecified duties in the city on verbal orders. D'Arkoth seen accompanying suspect to Jade Clinic and Operating Theatre. Suspect seen briefly in public taproom shortly after, unaccompanied.

D'Arkoth has not been seen since.

Personal guards intercepted, bringing letter to proprietor, Julia. Surrendered written orders received after D'Arkoth's dissapearance. Evidence being held by agent on site, Baarca Schuemakkar.

Vigiles forces mobilizing now, siege equipped. Expected to make landfall on D'lere within six hours. Rendezvous in the Jade court. Suspect assumed hostile, hostage situation.

Recommend specialists with mental shielding.

-F. Amrunrosse, Interim Commander of Vigiles Military Corps

- - - - -

We do not prefer to engage M.'s forces directly - pray we arrive before he can. D'Arkoth is a trained dreadnaught, estimated power potential devastating.

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