The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Folodu Amrunrosse - updated bio

Full Name: Folodu Amrunrosse
Nicknames: Flo, Fol, Folo


  • Level:82  
  • Class:Dirge RP 
  • Power:Highly skilled  
  • Race:Koada'Dal  
  • Gender:Female  
  • Date of Birth: 
  • Age: approximately 200 years 
  • Hair:Golden Blonde 
  • Skin:pale ivory 
  • Eyes:one eye is light blue, the other dark blue 
  • Height:4'9" Weight:130 pounds 
  • Place of Residence:Freeport 
  • Place of Birth:Qeynos 
  • Relatives:Chevanima, daughter 
  • Enemies: 
  • Allies:Ariahdnia, Sytan
  • Occupation:Carpenter, entertainer, philosopher, writer 
  • Crafting:95 
  • Appearance:A pale skinned, short, blonde Koada with dense muscle and sturdy calves. Usually in neck-to-toe armor or as little as possible. Always carries weapons unless otherwise required not to. Keeps her hair in an efficient braid. Usually smiling. Keeps a one-pound bag on her hip, regardless of armor or casual-wear. 
  • Fashion of Choice:revealing if possible, heavy chain weaves if not. 
  • Armor of Choice:Chain 
  • Weapons of Choice:Daggers, short swords, long swords, machetes, voice, sound 
  • Special Abilities:Very quick, develops strange weapons 

Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Motivations:Food, survival, fun, honor, entertainment, benefit of the group, selfishness, hedonism, duty
Disposition: Outlook: optimistic, conscientious, spontaneous, intrepid, flexible, warm/cold, agreeable, engaging, candid, rebellious 
Religion/Philosophy:Assists the aims of Fizzlethorp Bristlebane, adores Erollisi Marr 
Sexuality:Hedonist, beauty-driven. Bisexual. 
Positive Personality Traits:Tries to bring small groups together into a larger gathering and raise the overall enjoyment. Fun-loving and loyal, driven by emotion and want and comfort. Not afraid to work and get hands dirty, and will try to find the most efficient solutions to any given situation. Will not give up when someone asks her for advice, unless asked to stop giving advice.
Negative Personality Traits:Very much pleasure driven, and when not sworn to a service is very hard to keep on task. Will not give up when someone asks her for advice, sometimes to the point of annoyance and worse.
Misc. Quirks:Eats very odd foods, develops solutions to problems that have not come up. Chooses the perception people carry of her very carefully.


Guild: Vigiles Amicae
Guild Rank: Honored Soldier


Apples, sweets, wild game, savory foods, groups, lust, passion, tenderness, debate and proving that arguments are invalid, tinkering, stories, graphic description, hunting 
gnolls, drolvags (though not as bad as gnolls, as they are more comically proportioned), undead, god-killers and overly powerful people, people who try to restrict her, telepaths and empaths who approach her mind without permission, coercion, drama, stressful situations, slavery, jaegarmeister
Favorite Foods:
Apple pie, apples, apple fritters, apple cake, boiled spider legs, chocolate, tender steaks, most fruits, licorice Favorite Drinks:
Applejuice, apple cider Favorite 
reds, blacks, blues, bright greens, pinks 
tinkering, making odd objects, making up stories, flirting, clothing, confusing others.


Played by What Famous Person:
(suggestions welcome)

Theme Songs:
Power Symphony: The Way of The Sword, Blues Traveler: Hook, HIM: Dark Light

Born of Qeynos, she was raped by a friend of her family's, who was telepathic, at a young age. She killed him immediately after and fled for fear of what she had done and what had happened and has been living in Freeport for a very long time. She has had many lovers and many adventures. She is found frequently in various taverns or randomly around Freeport. She has a Ayr'Dal daughter, with very Tier features, that she dotes on and will talk about length to anyone who will listen for long enough. She is very much pleasure driven, but will ensure her duties are met.
The longer she goes without some restraining duty to keep her activities in check, the worse she will slide into hedonism and enjoying herself to cope with having nothing keeping her busy and occupied.

Has opted on speed and efficiency rather than on raw strength and poisons: Move faster than your enemies, and don't carry things that can be used against yourself or your comrades.

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