The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A letter on fine vellum, in a perfect copperplate hand

Archivist's note:
This letter has been pieced together from fragments discovered among the late Legate Bellum's personal effects. It seems all the fragments of the original are present, except of course the envelope which must have carried it through the post. It is undated, but from contemporary official reports, we know that the Legate reported finding this letter on his desk less than three days after the raid on the Crimson Rose.

Legate Fafnier:

     Accept my most sincere condolences on the difficulties you and your Company are facing with the loss of not one, but two of your number. I am sure the disadvantage can hardly even be measured, as my estranged, esteemed brother is hardly a replaceable quantity, and surely any creature he would seed a child with is remarkable in her own right.

     Though we have never been on the best terms, as we are too alike to ever be easy in one another’s company, I would offer you my assistance, however small. Even divided as we are there is a certain comfort in knowing he is secure. Our politics and methods have long diverged, but I have never allowed that, nor his resentful character, to color my affection for him. He has long had the habit of going missing, and at the most inconvenient times for his associates, but then he is young. The follies of youth are always less amusing when one is too close to them.

     I recall one incident, in particular, when he vanished into an infamous bordello for decades. No doubt he was intent on freeing the tarnished blooms, and rehabilitating the debauched patrons to lives of virtue and celibacy. He has ever had a charmingly simple ethos, willing to sacrifice every good thing for the redemption of a stranger.

     It is charming he has attached himself to you and your little Company - certainly he has been indispensible in assisting your own liberation efforts - at least until recently. I am sure you are already doing every possible thing to recover him from whatever romantic distraction has diverted him, but if there is any information I can lend you in the matter, I would be happy to take time away from my flock to assist you. I understand in your last campaign you did not receive the support you needed in time to make the desired impact on young Lucan. It was a great pity to hear of the many losses which followed, especially when I learned you were among the fallen.

     I trust your own native generosity will move you to forgive my younger brother his cautious nature. I am certain there were many factors which impacted the lack of reinforcements and the subsequent untimely delay in restoring you to yourself. No doubt there are lingering complications from that - the Restorative Arts are among the most complex patterns known, but I flatter myself I have long been a master of them. I would even be able to mitigate the difficulties of the contagion you suffer, if you would flatter me with an audience.

I would of course wish to know if there is any way I might be of assistance to you in recovering my errant brother and his lover from his folly, howsoever small. Please, seek me out at your convenience in the Lady Erolissi’s temples within Qeynos, if you can. I would speak with you, have you the time.

Archbishop Marconis Fiac

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