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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Selections from: Notes on Diverse Magicka - Hematurgy

Notes on Diverse Magicka


Legatus Pax Sytan Fiac

Author's note:

This is a series dedicated to informing those with limited or non-extant abilities in arcana on the various forms of magic and their uses. This is not intended as an in depth study, nor does it go into all details. For many, the usage of leylines or nodes will never manifest, nor will the finesse to guide the blood magicka explicitly.

This discourse will cover the concepts of similarities and differences among the branches, and peel back some of the mysteries.

The first section will cover my specialties of hematurgy and necromancy.
The second will cover natural magicka.
The third will touch on the psionic talents.
The fourth will delve into the divine controversy.
The fifth will touch upon the delicate and complex question of void.

It is to be hoped that the interested student will find the more technical treatises on the above topics more readily accessible for this humble offering. Any errors or elisions in this work must be attributed to the difficulty of enumerating in plain language what becomes a nearly reflexive, intuitive impulse for the grand adept.

In part one, hematurgy and necromancy were compared and contrasted as far as styles. In part two, we will cover hematurgy in regards to ritual, intention, and connection, all interacting with spell casting.

As discussed, ritual is not entire necessary to cast in hematurgical works. Ritual therefore is a way to set the mind on the intention and connection. It engages a target to hold certain properties, such remembering flesh that is whole, or flesh that has been cut. Even if such casting does not yield visible results, your target believing they have no way to close their hand, or have experienced death, will be affected.

The full effect of the spell will be enhanced by how connected the caster is - as such, even correctly imagining who the target is will cause connection and empathy. A close friend or lover will respond accordingly - and I have mentioned enemies as well. It takes knowing and identifying your enemy to have such a strong opinion of them.

"Othering", of course, makes the working not have as big an effect, but the affected target has less connection to respond with some spell of their own. As stated, heavy arms specialists tend to be weak caster, and this is precisely why.

Because hematurgical works respond to such varying stimuli, most mages are frustrated by attempting it, as their own natural powers are more predictable.

Setting the limitations aside, hematurgical healing is quite dramatic and can be quite refined. It can, under the best circumstances, rebuild pelvic bones. The process is slow and never perfect, yet has far more refinement than divine castings.

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