The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Campaign: Treasonous Stars - Incident Report

The Vigiles Amicae hereby declares the persona(s) known as:

Folodu Amrunrosse

among other possible aliases, to be anathema.

The wards are locked against her, and no move shall be made to stay the hand that is raised against her, should she rebell against her proper discipline.

It is with sorrow and rage that we report the former Vigiles Captain Amrunrosse was unable to abide by our Writ, and repeatedly expressed contempt for the substance and practice of the same. Despite her years of loyal service and numerous victories, Amrunrosse has made the irrevocable choice to seize control of the Amicae during a time of war, for her own personal gain, and disarm the very writ upon which we all depend.

That the former Captain Amrunrosse has heretofore been employed in the gathering of intelligence and destabilization of evils which would threaten the Amicae is insufficient case for the profligate violations of our writ which have accumulated to her name.

The convened Courts Martial has found Amrunrosse guilty of the following charges:

  • holding a sworn Amicae in bondage without due process of law
  • authorizing the use of deadly force beyond the measure of civilized warfare
  • claiming the mantle of Praetor without proper Council affirmation
  • threatening a faithful healer among the Amicae
  • striking an officer of the Amicae with intent to cause grievous harm
  • imposing her will against an officer of the Amicae outside of the direction of a healer
  • sabotage and vandalism of Amicae holdings
  • fraternization with a superior officer
  • abuse of her power over the soldiers in her charge
  • seeding of dissent and faction rivalry within the Amicae
  • suspension of the rights and laws of the Amicae
  • disbanding the Council which sacred duty is to check the power of the Praetor

We therefore on this Sixth day of Stargazing in the Year of the Triumvirate in the Era of the New Combine, declare Folodu Amrunrosse a traitor to the Amicae and to the Praetor to which she owed her loyalty. If she refuse the sentence of Exile to the far Velious isles as enumerated by the Council and Courts Martial, any hand then be raised against her.

By my will and hand, Praetor Ariahdnia z'equidaii Chath do'Trinae, Hero of Maj Dul
 By my will and hand, Legate Bellum Fafnier Brangwyn
 By my will and hand, Legate Pax Sytan Fiac

This is an IC exile only, and only in the Antonia Bayle timeline. Continued rp with this player is allowed and even encouraged. All rp guidelines regarding consent and communication are to be followed.

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