The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A plain, red-spined book - Apocryphal Journals: Folodu Amrunrosse

Archivist's note:
It is clear from contemporary records that Amrunrosse was fastidious about keeping her journals on her person or otherwise well secured, yet in the recent reorganization of the archive we have found loose signatures tucked among unrelated treatises on the applied arts of entropy as relates to the keeping of vegetable gardens in various climates.
Each is no more than eight pages of vellum, stitched with waxed linen thread and apparently in good condition, aside from having been at some point separated from the rest of its volume. The handwriting appears to be consistent from one entry to the next, though there are huge swaths of the work still missing.
What remains has been bound together in a probable chronology, and wrapper leaves were added around each original signature to hold such notation as is possible. The entries are undated in the original hand, but as many of the incidents are cross-referenced in the public archives, so a loose chronology may be posited.

This entry is unusually brief for the bardic-trained Amrunrosse, and reveals some of the considerable impact her stint in High Command as Acting Praetor had on her own abilities. 

It is uncertain what partisan Amrunrosse refers to in this entry, but Lenoire Du'Claire and her consort Kanaemar are confirmed in contemporary records as being deeply involved in the turmoil that surrounded the end of Amrunrosse's tenure as Praetor. 

This is one of few indications that come down to us as evidence that the turmoil was not born of chaos, but rather carefully orchestrated to create a path back to leadership for the deposed Hero and Protector of the Amicae. As so little evidence did survive, it has been a matter of much dispute among the chroniclers, but it stands to reason that after the very public manner in which Amrunrosse usurped the position that it would be impossible to reverse peacefully. It must not be forgotten that during her tenure, Amrunrosse enjoyed wide popular support, and that other private communication during that period confirms a deeply rooted mistrust of the deposed Praetor's temporal stability.

Even to this day, there are apologists for the usurpation, who question the trustworthiness and tactical stability of a leader who is so patently secretive about her history, her age, and her sanity. It is widely believed that the Praetor does not punish such treasonous agitation because she is unaware of it: historians who have investigated the history of the Heroes' Quarter in Maj'Dul hotly argue the reverse. No foreigner could have survived the ever-shifting sands of Maj'Dul politics for long - let along risen to a stable and uncontested prominence there - who did not have a canny understanding of political maneuvering and the exigencies of war.

This is a long and twisting path - Sytan is back among us, which is more than timely as I needed an agent who would be able to do the things I cannot. The house will pass back to Ari.

I have given him the information I have been working with, and he has seen my plan within it. Fafnier needs pushed away, as does Ari. If they leave the house under my regime, it can be painted as my poor leadership.

There are only a few ways this can go. I will do everything I can to ensure the House is strong...
that she leads it again.

One vocal supporter has been arranged. In the time I write this, the next has been as well.
I have struck Sin, and Ari comes soon. I had hoped to be more civil in this, but the way things have played out prevents that, now. I would give commendations if I could - Leni and Sin both are going above and beyond the call in the time of need. I will put my faith in them, that they will support Ari as Praetor.

They come. I will give them a good show.
I hope it will be enough...

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