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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Knowing of Deities and their Disciples

Archivist's Note:
This is a prime example of the intersection of academic and legalistic historiography in the Era of Destiny. Since the collapse of the Citadel and the resulting years of civil strife as the Barons vied for power in Freeport, the Third Brigade vastly expanded their reach under the War Powers Act of A.S. 2590, and resulted in many studies such as these being produced. The study of such treatises is valuable to the student who seeks a deeper understanding of D'Lerian culture, and is preserved in our archives for its value as a historical record. The Third Brigade holds a position of great strength to this day, and in many cases remains the final adjudicator of treason and blasphemy among the registered citizens. It is advised that the philosophy laid out below be considered when engaging with any adherent thereof.

- - -

This is a study of the deities of Norrath and how their religious sects interact with Lucanic Law and Stricture. This writing is done as culmination of the efforts of trying to understand why one wishes to follow a presence that is not interactive in the way that Lucan interacts with us.

It is discovered that all gods and their worship is anathema to Lucanic Law.

In order of their most commonly known names, a listing of anathema.

Anashti Sul - The Banished one. Unable to stay in good standing with others, therefore Lucan has no need for the weakness of those with no alliances or support. Anashti Sul is anathema for also being now of the Void, where her minions are chaos embodied. Chaos is anti-Lucanic.

Bertoxxulous - The Plaguebringer. If Lucan wishes plague upon his people, he will bring it. Any deity wishing to circumvent Lucan’s will within his walls is anathema. Lucan gives life, and he can take it at any rate he sees fit.

Brell Serilis - Duke of Below. Nearly all underground dwellers claim him as their god, including dwarves and goblins. There is none above the might and grandeur of Lucan, and so holding any god before him is anathema. The races that claim him are chaotic in nature, either outright attacking for the joy of it, or inventing reasons such as “good” or “right” - Lucan finds these distinctions chaotic and irrelevant, and so are anathema.

Bristlebane - The Prankster. Chaos, pure and simple. Chaos goes against the very nature of Lucan’s Law and Order, and so is anathema. Any and all followers trying to claim bringing joy and happiness are undermining Lucan, and so are traitors and vandals.

Cazic-Thule - The Faceless. Bringers of fear. If one follows the Law of Lucan, one need not know Fear. Any caught with fear in them is weak and should be destroyed for the benefit of the city. Fear is anathema.

Erolissi Marr - Queen of Love. There is no greater love than that for our Overlord Lucan. All others distracts from him, and is treasonous. While it is expected that the citizens mingle among themselves, mortal and gods should not. Erolissi is a subtle and spiteful goddess and is anathema for leading Good Citizens astray.

Innoruuk - Prince of Hate. To hate all is to hate Lucan. This is anathema.

Karana - Rain Keeper. Any who try to claim dominion over the skies of Freeport is a heretic and therefore anathema. Lucan permits it to rain or not as he sees fit. That there is a force behind this suits his purpose.

Mithaniel Marr - Truthbringer. There is no truth more pure than that of service to Lucan and his Law. The Marr brother is a known enemy of Freeport and its people, and should be shunned publicly and destroyed privately. It must never be forgotten that it was the followers of Marr that tried to destroy our city, and is therefore anathema.

Quellious - the Tranquil. Followers of peace and curiosity. Lucan will tell us when there is peace, and when we need to know a thing. Seeking before it is granted is anathema.

Rallos Zek - the Warlord. Lucan will also tell us when there is war. To try to claim this power from him is to defy Lucanic Law, and is anathema. While death for the weak is advised, it will be Lucan’s will to determine when and where. We are his to use as he needs us.

Rodcet Nife - Prime Healer. If Lucan demands our life from us, then it is anathema for another to give it back. As seekers to end disease and death, it is anathema to undo what Lucan decides to use us for.

Solusek Ro - Burning Prince. Fire within the city is chaos and destruction embodied. If Lucan should decide to use this tool on his city, then so be it. To try to use it outside of his will is anathema.

Tribunal - Council of Justice. While it might seem the Tribunal might be within Lucanic Law, Lucan will use whatever tool he sees fit, including orders outside of his Law based on the need he knows might be there. Therefore, the Tribunal is anathema.

Tunare - Mother of All. Creator of Koada’dal and Feir’dal. Her servants will always seek to destroy what they cannot understand. Lucanic Law protects us from these cultists who wish to draw the blood from anything that is not of her doing. Lucan built our city, gives us shelter, and guards us from Her agents. She seeks to destroy Freeport, and is anathema.

Ullkorruuk - Lady of Insurrection. While not a deity in the classic sense, her perview is treason. This is, of course, anti-Lucanic.

While dispensations might be given for those who might choose to also have faith in these anathema abstractions, true disciples are traitors or will soon be traitors, and should be treated as such.

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