The Vigiles Amicae is a roleplaying guild in Everquest 2, on the Freeport and Antonia Bayle Servers.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Roster: Sytan Fiac

~ Vigiles Amicae Service Record ~
~ Available to all sworn Amicae ~

Name: Sytan Fiac
Status: Active, with medical restrictions
Rank, specialty, auxiliary: Legate Auxilus Pax, Necromancer, Sage
Gender: Male
Age: Appears no more than middle-age - or about 300 years old for an elf.
Race: Teir'dal
Birthplace: Unknown
Residence/Citizenship: Most recently registered in Gorowyn

Description and/or portrait:
A light ashen skintone over a thin frame, and perpetually slouched shoulders. His face is etched deep with worry lines and is set in almost a continuous frown. He frequently can be seen walking with a limp. In loose or thin clothing, a set of gnarled, poorly healed scars bisect his sternum and scapula. He can typically be found in dark, somber robes, Except in Maj'Dul. When he is in the desert he frequently adopts the thin and ornamented linens of the local dervin people, though even in these he selects deep jewel tones.
He wears a bone ring on his right pinky finger. The faint smell of sandalwood follows him.
His hair is shoulder length, frequently braided, and seems to lack luster, as if he is not eating well or recovering from illness.

Staff fighting, histories, diplomacy, magical theory, direction of entropic and hematergic magical energies

Unarmed combat, light arms, medium arms, pole arms, staff, terrain, research, magic theory, energy storage, carpentry, needlepoint, diplomacy, field survival.

Diplomacy. Walks with a limp, and sometimes needs a cane for balance and support. Vulnerable to all standard physical and magical attacks capable of overcoming the shields and reactive defenses of any average necromancer of middle-rank.

Service Record & Events of Note:
Appears to have been appointed as Legate Pax as far back as the earliest records of the Vigiles. With the exception of the years he was being held by hostile fores, he has served that role continuously ever since. His service record is exemplary: without controversy or challenge, except insofar as he traditionally opposes the Legates Bellum when debating matters of diplomatic significance before the Council.
Widely believed to serve the Praetor as consort, but no official record supports this rumor.

Previous known Aliases: Legate Auxilus Pax Sytan Finn, Diplomat Sytan of Argentum Circuli. Referred to by the Erollissian devotees as Brother Fiac. Hailed by the Ravens as Greyfeather. Known in certain slums as Sidhen Finn.

Records suggest no public positions held before being named Diplomat for Argentum Circuli. Argentum history hotly contested by reputable scholars, as those fragmentary records date from the Age of the Spires many dozens of centuries ago. Likely the record refers instead to an ancestor of the present Fiac.

- Linguist
- Bookbinder

Notable kills:
- Mayong Mistmoore
- Harla Dar
- Darathar

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